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How do we make a USB flash drive on Mac with the installation image of Windows 11

Create bootable Windows 11 USB flash drive on Mac. How-To install Windows 11 on Mac.

Despite many limitations of interaction between systems Windows PC si Mac, Apple offers the possibility that on any Mac, iMac or MacBook, users can install the latest versions of Windows.
More than that,  macOS has a utility through which users can very quickly create a USB flash drive installation for Windows. All you need is a hard drive Mac or on an external hard drive to have the .ISO image of the operating system and a USB flash drive with enough space. Once created USB flash drive with version Windows of your choice it can be installed on both PCs (Windows) as well as on a Mac which you want to have installed and Windows along with the macOS system.

Windows 11 is no exception. With the help of the Boot Camp Assistant utility we can easily create a USB flash drive with the installation image of Windows 11. Image with which we can install utlerior Windows 11 on any compatible PC.

How do we do on macOS un USB bootable stick with installation image Windows 11

1. As stated above you must to have the .iso file with the installation image of Windows 11 and a USB stick at least 8 GB. The installation image 21996.1.210529-1541.co_release_CLIENT_CONSUMER_x64FRE_en-us.iso available at this time has approximately 4.87 GB.

2. Connect USB stick to the Mac, then open Boot Camp Assistant. We find the utility in "Applications" → "Utilities". Or we look for it in "Launchpad".

Boot Camp Assistant

3. In the first input screen, immediately after opening Boot Camp Assistant, click on “Continue".

Boot Camp Assistant 1

4. Select only the first option. “Create a Windows 10 hours later install disk", Then click on"Continue“. The latter option may differ if you have not already installed it Windows in dual-boot on Mac. In my case, the option to delete the operating system appears Windows 10 on Mac. “Remove Windows 10 or later version ”. Most likely there is also the option to install Windows on Mac.

Boot Camp Assistant 2

5. After clicking on "Continue", in the next screen we must choose the location of the .iso file with the image Windows 11 and the drive (USB flash) on which the installation files of Windows 11
Click "Choose .." and select the .iso image, click on the destination drive (be careful not to select another drive by mistake), click "Continue", then click again on "Continue" in the warning box where tells us that USB the flash drive will be formatted and all data deleted.

Boot Camp Assistant4

We wait until the formatting and copying process of the files is completed. During this time do not close Mac or disconnect USB drive of the el.

Boot Camp Assistant Flash

"Your bootable USB drive has been created. ”

At the moment we have a USB flash drive with the image of the operating system installation Windows 11. With this USB drive we can install Windows 11 on both a PC and a Mac. Although Apple does not currently provide support for Windows 11 (the official version is not even released at the time of writing this tutorial), you can install Windows NOT ON Mac using similar steps for Windows 10

How do we make a USB flash drive on Mac with the installation image of Windows 11

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