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How to prevent accidental shutdown of Safari (Command - Q) - Change Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many users who use it Safari as the default browser on Mac, Despite the fact that Apple it has not made substantial improvements over time, nor has it paid attention to details of reliability.
One of the most useful features of Opera Browser si Google Chrome, is the function by which prevents the browser from closing accidentallywhen defending the shortcut: “Command + Q“. In these browsers, if we accidentally press "Command + Q" we are urged to hold down for a while or to press again for the shutdown command to be executed. This does not happen on Safari. If we have many web pages open in tabs and we accidentally press "Command + Q", the browser will close completely. And there are many situations in which "Command + Q" is accidentally pressed in Safari, as long as the command to close an active tab is: "Command + W“. The key close to "Q".

"Keyboard Shortcuts"Are key combinations which once pressed executes certain commands. For tabs open in the browser, maybe the most use keyboard shortcuts are: "Command + R"To refresh the open web page (refresh) and"Command + W”To close the current tab.
Some of the shortcuts are general, they execute the same command in all applications. For example, "Command + Q" is a general shortcut, through which we can close any application open on Mac. However, this shortcut can be modified for each application or even disabled. By modifying the "Command + Q" shortcut for Safari, we can prevent the browser from closing accidentally.

How to prevent accidental shutdown of Safari by pressing "Command + Q".

1. We open “System Preferences”→“Keyboard”→“Shortcuts”(Tab) →“Shortcuts App”(In the left bar).

2. Press the “+” button from the list of shortcuts, select the “Safari” application, then at “Menu Title” enter the exact name of the command, as it is in the application. "Quit Safari" in our case. Select the "Keyboard Shortcut" field, then press the new key combination for the desired command. “Options + Command + Q".

3. Once the "Add" button is pressed, the new keyboard shortcut will become active. Safari no longer closes to the old key combination and thus will avoid accidental closing of the application.

You have to be a little careful when choosing the new keyboard shortcut, it should not be used by another function of the application or the operating system.

In the same way you can create or modify keyboard shortcuts for other functions or applications. You can make your own keyboard shortcuts for functions in Mail applications, Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro X, Photos or others.

How to prevent accidental shutdown of Safari (Command - Q) - Change Keyboard Shortcuts

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