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How to change the location for saving screenshots on macOS

A tutorial presented above we show how to change the screenshot image format of PNG (default MacOS format) in another format. PDF, GIF, JPG or TIFF. Everything very simple by executing a specific command line in the Terminal for printing from the desired formats.
All screenshots se automatically saves on Desktop, and this can cause an agglomeration of this space where we usually have other files. Ideally it would be that all screenshots are saved automatically in a dedicated folder, leaving working space free for other files.

We can do this with help Port, where we run one commandline where we indicate the location (a folder) where the screenshots are saved.

How to change Desktop location with another location where screenshots are saved on macOS

Before executing command lines to change the destination location of screenshots, it's a good idea to create this folder. Let's say instead of Desktop, we want all screenshots to be saved in the "ScreenShots" folder, and it is located in "Documents". We go to "Documents" and create the "ScreenShots" folder.

After this step we open the Terminal and execute the following command lines:

defaults write location ~/Documents/ScreenShots

Applying changes is done through the command line:

killall SystemUIServer

Once the last command line has been judged, all the screenshots will automatically be saved in the folder we designate.

Let's go back to the initial settings or change the location, replace the first line of command “~/Documents/ScreenShots” with the new location.

How to change the location for saving screenshots on macOS

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