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Disable All Internet Connection on iMac & Mac - Ethernet / Wi-Fi

systems Mac, whether we're talking about notebooks MacBookall-in-one iMac or Mac For / mini, offers at least two ways we can connect to the internet. Ethernet, the traditional cable connection and the wireless, Wi-Fi.

Most owners of iMac si Mac, I know these systems use both types of internet connection simultaneously. Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Browsing uses the ethernet connection, while Wi-Fi ensures synchronization with nearby idevice and LAN (local area network).
If we have a situation where we have to disconnect an iMac from the internet, then it needs to we disconnect both connections. Both wired and wireless.
In the case of Wi-Fi connection, the connection and disconnection is done quickly, with just two clicks. One on the Wi-Fi sign in the top bar (Menu Bar) and one on the "On" / "Off" button.

Connecting and disconnecting the cable connection (Ethernet) can be done in two ways. The easiest way is to disconnect the internet cable, but in some situations it can be inconvenient to reach it. Another way is to disable the Ethernet interface.

How to disable the cable connection (Ethernet) on iMac, Mac si MacBook

We are talking about the way of internet disconnection without removing the network cable.

1. We open “System Preferences"Then we go to"Network".

2. In the list on the left, select "Ethernet", we make click on the three-point circle, then click on “Make Service Inactive", Click"Apply".

The "Apply" button will become active as soon as you click on "Make Service Inactive". Immediately after clicking on "Apply", the cable connection will be interrupted.

It's a simple way to turn off the internet without having to unplug the network cable from the Ethernet port on the back.Mac, theMac Pro.

To reconnect, follow the same steps, except that instead of "Make Service Inactive", it will be "Make Service Active".

Disable All Internet Connection on iMac & Mac - Ethernet / Wi-Fi

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