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Disable auto-launching Adobe Creative Cloud at login [macOS Catalina]

macOS Catalina has introduced many new features, redesigned Apple applications, but also some changes to the "core" level of the macOS operating system. One of the most important is removing support for 32-bit architecture applications. This is why many users of Adobe applications have found that after the upgrade from macOS Mojave la Catalina, these Adobe applications have stopped working. The good news is that Adobe has updated and updated them 64-bit, being compatible with macOS Catalina. Except for some old applications that Adobe has given up on developing. Those will never work new versions of macOS.
So, you have the answer to the question "Why Adobe applications no longer work after macOS Catalina update?"

About three years ago, we were showing how to auto-launch Adobe Creative Cloud when starting the macOS operating system. At that time Creative Cloud it looks much more rudimentary than it is today, and macOS didn't have as many restrictions. On macOS Catalina the auto-launch deactivation solution is no longer the same. The good news is that disabling auto launch of Adobe Creative Creativity Cloud at login, can be made as simple. From Creative Cloud.

Disable auto-launching Adobe Creative Cloud at login to macOS Catalina

Deactivating the Creative Cloud launch is made very easy from the "Preferences" menu of the application. In order for these options from "Preferences" to be available, you will need to login with Adobe ID in the Creative Cloud. User and password.

You log in to the splash screen of Adobe Creative Cloud, then return to the menu "Creative Cloud" → "Preferences", where you uncheck the option "Launch Creative Cloud at Login"

After this step you can log out and close all Creative Cloud. After restarting the Catalina macOS system, Creative Cloud will no longer launch automatically.

Normally the list of applications that will launch automatically at OS startup should be in "System Preferences"→"Users & Groups”→“ Login Items ”tab. Apparently, Adobe Creative Cloud suddenly appears in the Menu Bar without being on this list.

Disable auto-launching Adobe Creative Cloud at login [macOS Catalina]

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