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Download and Install WhatsApp Messenger on OS X and Windows PC

Long awaited WhatsApp Desktop Application, is finally available. Facebook, the company that owns WhatsApp, launched these days the first application dedicated to Mac OS X and Windows PC operating systems.

application WhatsApp for Desktop PC is similar to the application Web WhatsApp, which works in an open tab in any one internet browser. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Those who have used the Web version of the application will find that there are no big differences between the two. It is, however, much more comfortable to have one self-contained application, than looking in the conversation tab's browser WhatsApp Messenger. An interesting thing is that when you are authenticated in desktop application, in the mobile application, at Settings > Web WhatsApp the "logged in computers"Icon appears in Google Chrome.


It is very possible that WhatsApp for Desktop PC will use the base, the Google Chrome web engine.

Download WhatsApp Messenger for Desktop PC - Mac OS X and Windows PC

The safest source where you can download your up-to-date application is the official application page., in the Donwload section, we have the button download for Mac OS X si Windows PC.

Screen Shot at 2016 05-12-12.43.16

The operating systems it can be installed the WhatsApp Messenger application, must be no older than Windows 8, in the case of Windows PC, and not be older than OS X 10.9, for the Poppy. So, a surprise. On Windows 7 is not support for WhatsApp Messenger. At least for now. It is of course the Web variant for Windows 7 users.

How to Install WhatsApp on Mac OS X

The official WhatsApp file for OS X is An archive that contains the application.
Unzip the .zip file with the application, then copy the application inside the repository into the "Applications" system folder of OS X. The folder where all the applications installed on OS X are located.

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The simplest method is "drag & drop". Unzip the app on the Desktop, then drag it on mouse or trackapad in the folder Applications.

Chair, if it's a stand-alone application, it works as an extension / mirror of the application on your mobile phone / iPhone. You must have your mobile phone connected to the internet and scan the QR code with your iPhone in order to use the Desktop application. You can not log in with WhatsApp Messenger phone number for OS X or Windows, if you do not already have the application installed and configured on your mobile phone or iPhone.

Download and Install WhatsApp Messenger on OS X and Windows PC

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