The process bird uses high CPU resources on Mac – How To Fix

macOS it is a very reliable and stable operating system. However, there are also situations when Activity Monitor we see processes that consume a lot of CPU or RAM resources. For example, the process bird uses high CPU resources on Mac (high CPU usage) in certain scenarios.

If you do not know what is the process bird and why it sometimes uses more than 100% CPU resources on macOS Ventura, in the article below you will find useful information.

What is it and why does the process run? bird pe macOS

When we see in Activity Monitor as a process uses a lot of CPU again Mac or MacBook it starts to get noisy because of the system of cooling CPU, the first thought is that maybe not to be a virus. It is not a virus, but there may be situations when the action of a malicious application can cause an excessive CPU load daemon bird.

Fortunately, the trial bird it is not malware. Bird is a core process of the operating system macOS. Un daemon which runs as a back-end for iCloud, being used to create backup copies of the files stored in iCloud.

The process bird uses high CPU resources on Mac
The process bird uses high CPU resources on Mac

The process bird uses high CPU resources on Mac – How To Fix

If you have many new files that need to be synchronized in iCloud Drive, the trial bird uses high CPU resources until a copy of the files reaches the iCloud. This situation generally occurs in those who use Desktop & Documents synchronized in iCloud Drive.

So, you don't have to worry if you know that you have brought new files in iCloud Drive and the process bird makes a high CPU usage. It is normal.

The problem arises when the trial bird remains stuck on an inexplicably high consumption of CPU resources. In this situation, you must intervene manually to temporarily close the process bird.

1. Force Quit - stop the process from running bird from Activity Monitor. Double-click the process, then click “Quit” → “Force Quit”.

Force Quit Bird
Force Quit Bird

2. Restart Mac - It is the most simpla and handy method to stop the process bird, if after Force Quit you were not successful. Most of the time, after restarting Mac, the trial bird no longer consumes large CPU resources.

3. delete cache – Go to the top bar from Finder → Go → Go to Folder and paste to the following path: ~/Library/Caches/. Press Enter. In the cache identify and delete folder

Delete bird cache - iCloud Drive
Delete bird Cache – iCloud Drive

The files will continue to be synchronized in iCloud Drive and this folder will appear in place. Excessive use of CPU resources of the process bird it can be caused by an error of some files that have remained blocked in the cache.


bird is a core process of macOS, which supports the operations of synchronization of files between the local storage space and iCloud Drive. When in a local storage space (Desktop or Documents) that is synchronized in iCloud Drive many files are brought, for a period of time the trial bird will use high CPU resources.

The process bird uses high CPU resources on Mac – How To Fix

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