MacBook Status: Battery is Not Charging [How To Fix]

In previous article I was talking about the charging problem that can occur when we want to charge a battery MacBook Pro or MacBook Air full iMac. "Power Source: Power Adapter / Battery is Not Charging". Status Battery: Not Charging.

Besides the cause mentioned in that article, the status Not Charging for the battery, it can also appear in other scenarios when MacBook is connected to a charging source.

The causes from which it can appear MacBook Status: Battery is Not Charging

Most of the time, the causes "Battery is Not Charging” relate to the ratio between consumption and power supply.

Battery is Not Charging
Battery is Not Charging

1. MacBook runs high performance processes which requires more electricity than the charging source can provide. This is unlikely to happen if you use a original socket adapter (charger) and a charging cable MFi or original.

Most of the time, games with advanced graphics and video editing software can impinmaximize the performance of a notebook.
In this scenario, you will find that although MacBook is connected to a power source, the battery charge level decreases.

2. Status “Not Charging”The battery of MacBook may also be present in the scenario in which power it can't give it enough power to charge the battery, though enough for safe operation.

The causes can be multiple. The power supply cannot provide power corresponding to the need to charge the battery, the charging cable cannot transfer the power it needs. MacBook needs to charge the battery, the power supply (socket) does not provide enough power to charge. This last scenario can be encountered frequently at train outlets, which although provides a voltage of 220 V, the power (watt) and intensity (CURRENT) are very low (we are talking about alternating current at train outlets).

3. MacBook has set the battery protection mode, designed to increase its battery life. So although it is connected to a power source, it is very possible that 90% stop charging or even at a lower level.

Characteristic Battery Health Management was introduced on all notebooks Apple compatible with macOS 10.15.5 (or newer) and can be managed from: System Preferences →  Battery →  Battery Health.

MacBook Battery Condition
MacBook Battery Condition

By unchecking the option "Manage battery longevity” see allows the battery to charge up to 100%, but we do not recommend this. It could significantly reduce its lifespan.

For more details on battery status MacBook, see also MacBook Battery Status - service Battery, Replace Now, Replace Soon, Normal.

MacBook Status: Battery is Not Charging [How To Fix]

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