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Apple Watch with new control and tracking capabilities for children and seniors (watchOS 7)

In the first Apple event in the fall of 2020, Apple launched two new models of smart watches. Watch Apple 6 si Apple Watch SE, the latter being a low-cost version and a good alternative to the Apple Watch 6.

With the new Apple Watch models, the new operating system was launched Watch 7, which brings new features and improvements. In addition to measuring the level of oxygen in the blood (capability for Apple Watch 6), reminder and stopwatch for hand washing (handwashing), Apple has extended the Apple Watch experience to the whole family. Even if they don't have an iPhone. Until watchOS 7, to be able to use an Apple Watch it was mandatory to have a personal iPhone.

The new feature, "Family Setup" introduced on watchOS 7 provides family members connectivity, safety, peace si independence. It's enough for a family member to have an iPhone to run on. "Family Setup", And all family members, children si old they can enjoy everything Apple Watch experiences.

Family members who do not have an iPhone can enjoy the many features of the Apple Watch from FaceTime calls si messages with family members, e-mailand even conversations Walkie-Talkie with other Apple Watch owners nearby.
Parents have the ability to approve the connections their children want to get in touch with, so they can use the Apple Watch's communication functions alone.
Children and seniors from "Family Setup" will have on Apple Watch their own phone number and your own Apple ID. They can follow the events set in the Calendar, create their own reminders in Reminder and can view photo galleries shared by the "tutor" account on the iPhone.
Through the new Apple Cash Family, parents can send money to children directly on the Apple Watch and can track all their expenses directly from the iPhone in the Wallet application. They can also choose to receive notifications when children or the elderly shop with the Apple Watch.

The location system them allows parents to know at any time where their children are, by simply accessing the application "Find People”Present on all Apple devices. It is also useful for the elderly who go to the city alone. Location function and Emergency SOS offers extra peace of mind to children who have elderly parents si parents with young children.
With location notifications, the tutor can set to receive notifications when the child or elderly person arrives or leaves an established location.

"Family Setup" is such a great way control si safety as well as by peace. We will always know where our children and the elderly are, we will be able to easily communicate with them and we will be able to remotely control their expenses. For them, the Apple Watch with "Family Setup" is also a means of entertainment and a guide to a healthy lifestyle. They have access to fitness applications, monitoring of movements and physical exercises. Activity rings have been optimized with distances and time units dedicated to children.  Outdoor Walk, Outdoor Run, Outdoor Cycle and other activities have been recalibrated for their physical performance and new data sharing options have been added. Activity. So that a child can challenge his friends, can share with them the performance of the extractions and has at his disposal a new page of Awards much more attractive and motivating.

Both children and the elderly can use the Emergency SOS function for emergencies, and the guardians will be notified immediately, if their number is in emergency contact. Health functions are also available and can be shared with other family members. Elderly people can constantly monitor their pulse, do an ECG, check their blood oxygen levels (Apple Watch 6). Each user can fill in their Apple Medical ID, where they can enter data about choices, conditions and other health information. He can choose whether the medical data should be shared with all family members or only with the guardian.

Schooltime si Downtime are very useful options. In "Schooltime" mode, a yellow circle will appear on the Apple Watch screen, a sign for both parents and teachers that all notifications and access to Apple Watch applications are blocked. So the child will not be distracted at school from classes and will not be bothered with alerts and notifications. "Schooltime" automatically activates the "Do Not Disturb" mode. It's if you want something similar. "Bedtime", Only that in addition the access to menus and applications is blocked.

The time intervals in which the "schooltime" mode is activated can be set by the tutor and can be used both for school hours and during meditations or during homework time.
The child will be notified 5 minutes before the activation of the "Schooltime" mode.

Is a smart watch like the Apple Watch useful for parents, children and the elderly?
Definitely yes. If we take into account that Apple launched Apple Watch SE at very affordable prices, such a watch with the function "Family Setup”Will offer more a lot of peace to the tutors and parents. They will know all the time where children and the elderly are, will be able to them control access to applications and purchases made by Apple Paycan control which people they can come in contact with and I can contact at any time. Alert of emergency in case of accident si irregular heartbeat.
Children and the elderly will have access to entertainment, music, health and physical activity applications. Family Setup will be configured according to each member, child or elderly, watchOS offering age-specific features and functions.

Apple Watch with new control and tracking capabilities for children and seniors (watchOS 7)

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