Apple Watch Series 8 - Major upgrade in 2022, able to measure body temperature

After a few series of Apple Watch which did not bring spectacular elements in terms of design, there are more and more rumors that Apple Watch Series 8 will have a major upgrade in terms of design and will be equipped with new sensors.

Even before it launches Apple Watch Series 7 was rumored to be equipped with a sensor capable of measuring human body temperature. Outside body temperature, of course. This did not happen because the algorithm that calculates the temperature received from the sensors was completed too late to enter the production process of the sensor. Apple Watch 7. As we know, Apple Watch 7 did not come with any sensors in addition to the previous series, Apple Watch 6. Only with a design change that brought a screen with a slightly larger diagonal and slightly curved edges. A design much appreciated by fans Apple.

Apple Watch Series 8
Apple Watch Series 8

According to Ming-Chi Kuo in a Twitter post, Apple Watch Series 8 will receive this ability to measure body temperature only if its measurement algorithm will meet the high standards set by Apple.

He will be able to Apple Watch Series 8 to measure body temperature?

This information was also present in the past on Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal, but until it becomes reality, Apple it has to face the challenge of a rather complex algorithm. If for the measurement of the pulse and the measurement of the oxygen level in the blood, the wrist is the ideal place, we all know that the measurement of the body temperature is done in other parts of the human body.

Another hardware issue. There is no clock sensor capable of ruling out the outside temperature and measuring the temperature from a fixed point. We know that there are medical thermometers that can do this, but they are only used in a certain range of outdoor temperatures. A hardware for this feature will have to be supported by a very accurate algorithm capable of calculating body temperature at both negative and hot outside temperatures. The algorithm will therefore be the big challenge for Apple.

Other features that users are waiting for Apple Watch are: a call room FaceTime and a sensor capable of measuring blood pressure. Both features may be possible starting with Apple Watch Series 8.

Apple Watch Series 8 - Major upgrade in 2022, able to measure body temperature

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