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How to change the units of measurement on Apple Watch if iPhone - Meters (m), Feet (ft), Celsius (° C), Fahrenheit (° F)

Even if the temperature felt and the distances are the same for everyone, units of measurement for them it differs depending on the country or the geographical region. There are two units of measurement worldwide. Imperial si Metric.

How to change the temperature from Fahrenheit (° F) to Celsius (° C) on Apple Watch

It is very possible if you have a Apple Watch again, displaying the temperature in the application Weather to appear in degrees Fahrenheit (° F), if in the region you have set the USA or another country where the Imperial system is used.

Changing the unit of measure from Fahrenheit to Celsius for application Weather on Apple Watch, will be made from the Weather application settings on iPhone.

1. Open the Weather application on iPhone and click on the menu icon in the lower right corner.

2. In the list of locations, at the bottom we have the option to change the measurement scale for temperature.

3. The unit of measurement for temperature will change immediately and on Apple Watch the Weather app.

The above setting will not change the measurement system if you use other weather applications. For example, if on iPhone si Apple Watch you have the AccuWeather application installed, changing degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit (or vice versa) will be done from the application settings AccuWeather.

How to change units of measure (feet, miles, kilojules, meters, kilometers, calories) for activity applications (Fitness, Activity, Workout) 

One of the most important features of Apple Watch is the ability to monitor fitness exercises, in training si physical activities. The application “Fitness"Or"Activity”Monitors the energy consumed during the activities and displays complex reports about the distances covered, the type of physical activities, rest times and others.
This information can be displayed in both Metric and Imperial systems. To change the units of measure in the Fitness application and in the Activity reports on Apple Watch if iPhone, we need to make some simple settings.

1. open application Watch on iPhone

2. Access Workout → we run to the bottom at “Units of Measure".

3. In "Units of Measure" we can change the units of measurement for energy and distances. Calories, yards, miles, meters, etc.

The units of measure will automatically change both in "Activity" on Apple Watch as well as in the "Fitness" application on iPhone.

Changing units of measure in the Compass App on Apple Watch if iPhone

In some applications Apple, such as Compass, units of measure depend directly on the region recorded in the settings iPhone. If in "Compass" we have the altitude (elevation) measured in "feet" (feet / ft), the change in meters is possible only if we set a geographical region / country in which the Metric system is used for the units of measurement.

We find these settings on iPhone in "Settings”→“General”→“Language & Region”→“Region".

After selecting a new region, the devices will restart automatically. Attention, because the selection of a new region will have an impact on several applications. For example, the News application may disappear if you select a region where it is unavailable.

How to change the units of measurement on Apple Watch if iPhone - Meters (m), Feet (ft), Celsius (° C), Fahrenheit (° F)

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