How to write and send text or audio messages from Apple Watch

About smart watches Apple Watch nu prea mai avem ce sa spunem mare lucru. Sunt gadget-uri extraordinare care se completeaza excelent cu iPhone si Mac. In addition to weather information (temperature, current weather, UV, wind, precipitation), information about heart rate, movement, location, on Apple Watch putem sa primim si sa citim mesajele venite de pe Messages, WhatsApp or Messenger

Most owners of Apple Watch au obiceiul ca atunci cand vad un mesaj nou pe ceas, sa ia imediat iPhone in hand and respond to the received message. I admit that I have done this many times, until I got used to it to send text or voice messages directly from Apple Watch

Just like at iPhone, iPad or Mac, Apple Watch suporta dictare vocala. The option of vocal dictation makes it possible to transform the text into everything you say and a very important thing, this option is available in a very large number of languages. Much more than he knows Siri at present. 

The default settings of Apple Watch sunt sa trimitem text messages in conversations. On such a small screen it would have been almost impossible to use a QWERTY keyboard from which to write text messages. With the voice dictation option, everything we say will be transformed into text, which we can later send into conversation. 
A problem arises when we want to respond to a message, and there are other people around us who speak. It often happens that Apple Watch sa treaca gresit in transctipt ceea ce am spus noi. Pentru a evita expedierea unui mesaj incoerent sau cu greseli, avem posibilitatea sa activam ca alternativa trimiterea de mesaj audio. 

How to send text messages on Messages, WhatsApp or Messeger directly from Apple Watch

1. First of all we activate dictationthen we set the language in which we want to communicate and dictate. Activation of dictation is done from Watch application →  General →  Enable Dictation

2. We set the language in which we want to dictate the messages / transcript texts. This setting is closely related to the keyboard iPhone and is made of iOS. We go to “Settings”→“General”→“keyboards”→“Add New Keyboard…" and we add a new language for the keyboard iPhone
Once you add the language in which we want to use dictation, we return to "Keyboards" and select it from "Dictation Languages". 

3. Set on Apple Watch ambele optiuni pentru dictare: Transcript (text) or Audio. open Watch application pe iPhone, going to "Messages”→“Dictated Messages”→“Transcript or Audio".   

4. Open Messages on Apple Watch si initiem It's the new conversation. At the bottom of the screen we can select the language in which we want to send text messages.


If what we dictated was not transcribed correctly, we have the option to delete the text message or send it as an audio message. “Send as Audio"Or"Send as Text". 

This setting is very useful especially when we are on the street in crowded areas, and what we dictate is not well understood by Apple Watch. 

Transcript dictation is also available for messages sent from iPhone or iPad. 

How to write and send text or audio messages from Apple Watch

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