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iPhone built-in app would like to paste from built-in app. Do you want to allow this?

iOS 16 came with a mysterious feature for many owners of iPhone. I say mysterious because from what it seems this madness of clipboard protection is present only on certain models of iPhone or from certain regions. "Built-in app would like to paste from built-in app. Do you want to allow this?".

When a user copies a text from an application, from a picture, a link or anything else and wants to paste it (give paste) in another application, each time the active message appears to accept or cancel the operation.

Do you want to allow this? Built-in app would like to paste from built-in app.

app would like to paste from built-in app
"Messages" would like to paste from "Notes"

It's not the first time Apple takes into account the protection of data saved by users in the clipboard. We talked about this before in 2020 when Apple introduced on iOS 14 the notification system through which users are warned from which application to which application the data from the clipboard is copied. That's how I found out that in some applications there was no need to give "paste". The applications read the data saved in the clipboard as soon as they were opened, without user action.

In iOS 16 but the problem is completely different. The applications ask for permissions every time we bring a text copied from one application to another. Including from a native application, in another native application. App would like to paste. Built-in app to built-in app. “Messages” would like to paste from “Safari”. Do you want to allow this?

When we copy, for example, a URL from Safari and want to give it "paste"In Messages, we will be asked every time"Do you want to allow this?". We accept pasting of copied data "Allow Easter", then the next time we do it again copy/paste we will be asked again. A total aberration that I honestly don't see the point of and I hope so Apple not to extend this "wonderful" characteristic to macOS Ventura. It would really be a major problem for productivity to be asked every time if we allow or not"Paste".

As a protection measure, it would make sense for the data copied to the clipboard to be secured and not easily reach third-party applications. In built-in applications (developed by Apple pe iOS) I don't see the point at all. Why should I be asked if I want to give? paste a text copied from Notes in a conversation on Messages?

At the moment I have not found any solution how to disable this feature iOS 16 and I can't even figure out which models iPhone appear. I have a iPhone 12 Pro with iOS 16.1 (beta), but I saw that these stressful messages also appear on the version iOS 16 (public) on which model waves of iPhone.

Let's hope that Apple will do what needs to be done with this feature. To eliminate it.

iPhone built-in app would like to paste from built-in app. Do you want to allow this?

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