SMS and Roaming on Apple Watch Cellular without iPhone.

Although they are very useful gadgets for many activities, it is more delicate when it comes to services SMS and roaming on Apple Watch Cellular when iPhone is turned off or not nearby.

This article will help you decide if worth buying Apple Watch Cellular, or the version without standalone mobile connection, which is much cheaper, is enough for you.

The main reason why most users decide to buy Apple Watch Cellular, is the autonomy of the iPhone device. The fact that the smart watch can be used even when iPhone it is closed or not in the vicinity, it is an advantage. However, what many users do not know are some very important aspects related to limitations Apple Watch Cellular..

SMS and Roaming on Apple Watch Cellular without iPhone.

services SMS and Roaming on Apple Watch Cellular doesn't work if iPhone is not nearby or if it is turned off.

International Roaming devices Apple Watch Cellular

So if you are traveling in another country and have activated the international roaming service, you cannot make or receive calls on Apple Watch Cellular, unless iPhone is on and in the vicinity of the clock.

With the release of the operating system watchOS 9.1, Apple introduced support international roaming for Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch SE, plus the newer model. Activation of the service must also be done by the mobile phone operator to which you are subscribed in the country of origin. You should know that not all mobile operators offer international roaming support for Apple Watch Cellular.

In addition to the above requirements, the telephone operator to which it will connect Apple Watch in the country you are traveling to, must support this feature.

So if you have Apple Watch Cellular and traveling to another country, make sure you have the latest version of watchOS, that your mobile operator has activated international roaming for Apple Watch Cellular and that the operator you are connecting to while roaming supports this feature. Without these requirements Apple Watch with cellular connection will be dependent on the iPhone device.

SMS devices Apple Watch Cellular no iPhone

Service SMS does not work on any model Apple Watch without the presence of the iPhone. You can receive and send SMS on Apple Watch only when iPhone is on and nearby. Only the service will work iMessage through which messages can be received and sent to other devices Apple.

In conclusion, the advantages they offer Apple Watch Cellular when iPhone is not present, voice calls and internet services (e-mail, iMessage, voice calls via FaceTime). services SMS and roaming on Apple Watch Cellular are restricted or unavailable.

Service Apple Pay works without presence iPhone for both variants of Apple Watch.

SMS and Roaming on Apple Watch Cellular without iPhone.

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