Apple Watch Series 7 at the lowest price! - Is it worth buying?

I waited several months to have one delivered to me Apple Watch 7 Stainless Steel 45mm, at the price of EUR 1.000 (RON 4.999). It was a real downer for the version Stainless Steel, and to search Apple Watch Series 7 at the lowest price it was already a fad. For a while, the versions on Gold, Silver and above all were not found at all Graphite.

Although the correct price was 1.000 EUR, many obscure online stores have aventurat to ask for almost double, promising instead a delivery from stock, in just 2-3 days. Most likely, they also found customers.

Close to launch Apple Watch Series 8, where we might have the surprise that Apple to launch a Pro version, where models of Apple Watch Series 7 Stainless Steel they started to appear in the stocks of online stores. And the surprise! At a lower price. For example, you have the opportunity to buy Apple Watch Series 7 at the lowest price so far.

Starting with the second half of August, many online stores, incl Amazon in reduced by approximately 10 – 15% prices at Apple Watch Series 7 the models Stainless Steeel. Models that were the hardest to find in stocks.

Apple Watch Series 7 at the lowest price in online stores.

For example, in Romania you can buy from Altex one Apple Watch Series 7 Gold Stainless Steel Case of 45mm with 3509 Lei (~725 EUR). 10% less than the previous discount. That's if you don't want to wait for the new generation of Apple Watch Series 8 and hope that you will find it in the stock of a store at a fair price.

Apple Watch Series 7 at the lowest price
Apple Watch Series 7 at the lowest price

You have to think very carefully before buying one now Apple Watch Series 7. Once Apple will launch the new models, Series 7 will only be produced as replacement units for service. Some online stores have already started to advertise that certain models of Apple Watch Series 7: "The product is no longer part of the store's catalog". This means that this model will not be back in stock.

Apple Watch Series 8 has a release date of tomorrow, September 7, 2022. Let's hope that this time Apple will be able to meet the demand and many people who want the new models will be able to get theirs before the winter holidays.

It remains to be seen at what price the top models will arrive in stores Apple Watch Series 8, taking into account that the prices for iPhone 14 Pro si iPhone 14 Pro Max interested they will be out of pocket with at least $100 more. This price increase was to be expected against the background of the energy problem and inflation in the whole world.

Apple Watch Series 7 at the lowest price! - Is it worth buying?

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