Is iOS 17 draining iPhone battery excessively? What should you do?

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The future operating system for the iPhone seems to be a "killer" for the battery. At least in the beta version, iOS 17 consumes the iPhone's battery excessively, so users with iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro I also charge the devices 2-3 times a day.

The fast battery drain problem iPhone 14 Pro I had it too, until I decided to ditch the iOS 17 beta and reinstall the latest iOS 16 final. (See here how you can downgrade iOS).

As we've said many times, installing beta software on your iPhone or any other mobile device comes with security risks, incompatibilities, and excessive battery drain.

Why is iOS 17 draining iPhone battery excessively?

In beta versions of iOS, some features or optimizations for battery consumption may not yet be implemented, which may result in higher power consumption and shorter battery life. This issue can also lead to overall battery degradation and reduced usage time over time. iPhone battery health.

Energy consumption optimization can be both at the operating system level and at the application optimization for the future software version. When optimization has not been done, the consumption of energy resources can be unreasonably high.

For example, iOS 17 beta users report very high battery drain when the Instagram app is open.

iOS 17 drains iPhone battery excessively
iOS 17 drains iPhone battery excessively

The difference in battery consumption between Instagram, Facebook and the browser is very noticeable Safari, in an almost equal time interval.

If you're in the situation where you've installed iOS 17 beta and your iPhone's battery is draining fast, all you can do is hope that future app and operating system updates will fix this problem. Another option is to downgrade iOS beta to the final stable version.

In conclusion, at least at the moment, we can say that iOS 17 is consuming too much iPhone battery because it is currently in the beta development stage. Certainly that much Apple and iPhone app developers will strive to optimize power consumption as much as possible.

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