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The Facebook social network will have a paid version!

Social Network Facebook, the largest in the world at this time, had and continues to suffer after the scandal Cambridge Analytica, in which the data of millions of users were used by a third company for the purposes of electoral manipulation and marketing. Hundreds of thousands of users, including famous names or companies, have deleted their Facebook profiles or pages following this scandal, and Facebook shares have recorded historical stock market declines.

After this unprecedented internal problem, Facebook is looking for solutions to increase profits and bring new users to the social network. Bloomberg announced on Friday (April 04.04.2018, XNUMX) that Facebook has begun conducting market research to introduce a the paid version of the social network. Users who will want to pay, will receive one instead non-commercial interface.
This is not the first time Facebook takes this option into account. In the past, the company has expressed the intention of launching such a paid version in the future, but nothing concrete has been done. This time, the company's internal problems require this option.

Zuckerberg has long considered such an alternative - not to replace the social networking business model, but to remove a common reason people give for leaving the service. The company generated virtually all its $ 41 billion in revenue last year by selling ads targeted with user data.

In the past years, consumers would not be receptive to a subscription option, seeing it as Facebook being greedy and asking for money for something it said would always be free, sources said.

From advertising, Facebook had revenues over 41 billion dollars last year. Money made in practice from advertisements displayed to users.
Mark Zuckerberg now wants to offer users an ad-free version of the social network, in exchange for a sum of money that will most likely be paid monthly or annually. In this way, Mark Zuckerberg offers an alternative to the free service but which requires the display of advertisements.

It remains to be seen how and when this option will be implemented for users. Already many users have turned their attention to Instagram (Faceboon Inc. portfolio network) or other social networks.

The Facebook social network will have a paid version!

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