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How can we see passwords and accounts saved on iPhone or iPad

Most of the time, when we frequently access a computer from a computer that we have account with user and password, we choose to store these data in the browser. It is a convenient and quick way to authenticate to a vivid visit.
Apple did an excellent job and introduced the option of save user and password on iOS devices, both in websites and in applications. When we want to authenticate from iPhone or iPad in an application or in a website, above the virtual keyboard will appear a key icon through which the user can access the accounts saved with user and password in iOS.

Where accounts (user and password) are saved on iPhone or iPad

Apple allows users to save usernames and related passwords both in applications and for websites visited in Safari. These passwords are saved encrypted securely and are available to users iPhone si iPad at each login session. Usernames and passwords are saved in the account iCloud / Apple ID being available on all devices Apple on which the same account is authenticated. Specifically, if you have a iPhone and a iPad which you have logged in to the same account Apple, passwords on iPhone will also be available on iPad. This synchronization is also available for users of Mac. Being devices from the same ecosystem, the synchronization between iOS and macOS works perfectly. Thus the accounts saved on Mac in Safari will also be available on iPhone or iPad.

Where to find usernames and passwords saved on iPhone or iPad

1. We open “Settings”→“Accounts & Passwords"→ click on the option"App & Website Passwords”Where we will have to authenticate with touch ID or password device.

2. After authentication with Touch ID or device password, the list of all accounts stored on will be displayed iPhone. By clicking on one of them, you will have access to your username and password.

Authentication data can be edited from this list or deleted, if desired. Note that deleting an account from this list will be done on all devices synced with the same account. iCloud.

How can we see passwords and accounts saved on iPhone or iPad

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