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How to quickly transfer all data from the old iPhone the new iPhone (iPhone-To-iPhone Setup)

Along with iOS 12.4, which I talked about previous article, Apple introduced a very useful feature to those who they bought one iPhone new and I want it to quickly transfer all data from iPhonethe old one.
In the past, data could be transferred from the old iPhone the new one, only through iTunes or using account backup iCloud. It necessarily requires one data cable or an internet connection to download the backup from iCloud.

In iOS 12.4, an option was entered fast migration, wireless, data between two iPhone-hate. No need for cable, iTunes or a backup iCloud. The condition is like that iPhone old data on which the data is stored, as well as the new one, to be updated to iOS 12.4.

How to quickly transfer data from the old iPhone the new iPhone via Wi-Fi

Before data transfer is made, it is very important that both iPhone old and new to be open and close to each other.

During the rapid initialization process (Quick Start) of the new iPhone, choose “Transfer from iPhone”And follow the login steps with Apple ID, then click on “Continue".
Expect that the new iPhone an animation appearsthen place iPhone old above the new and fix the animation. The "Camera" application will be opened, and the process will end with the message "FinishDisplayed on the new device. In this way the local, wireless transfer between the old one is made iPhone and new iPhone.

The direct data transfer time will depend on their volume. If you have a lot of pictures and videos on the old iPhone, automatically the transfer time will be slightly longer.

If your camera does not work on the old one iPhone, follow the steps for manual authentication. "Authenticate Manually". The authentication method (passcode), Face ID or Touch ID will be used as the authentication method.

How to quickly transfer all data from the old iPhone the new iPhone (iPhone-To-iPhone Setup)

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