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How to enable, disable or customize alerts / notifications from applications on Apple Watch (Apple Watch Notifications)

The biggest advantage of Apple Watch is that to view notifications we no longer need to get our hands on it every time iPhone. By the way, the first thing I noticed after I became the owner of Apple Watch, it was like the battery iPhone it keeps me longer and not infrequently I forget where I leave it. Most applications on iPhone have the ability to send notifications on Apple Watch, and voice calls can be answered easily, Apple Watch having both the ability to connect to AirPods as well as internal speaker / microphone.
Another interesting thing if a notification arrived on Apple Watch, she will be present on iPhone, but it will not turn on its screen and will not emit an alert sound.

The red dot (Notifications Indicator) present at the top of the screen from Apple Watch notifies us that we have one or more notifications that we haven't seen yet. By a simple swipe from top to bottom, we open "Notification Center" on Apple Watch. Here are all the notifications waiting to be read, from email applications, social networks, calendar, reminder. and so on
By scrolling to the bottom of the notification in an application, we can see details (Detail) or cancel notification (Dismiss).

If in the notification center of Apple Watch we have several messages that we have seen and we want them to be deleted, the "Clear All" option at the top will get rid of them all.

In order for the red dot to appear when you have notifications, the "Notifications Indicator" option must be activated. You can activate or deactivate it both from the application Watch on iPhone, in the section “Notifications”As well as from Apple Watch, from “Settings”→“Notifications”→“Notifications Indicator". Disabling this setting does not mean that you also disable notifications.
Also from these settings we can choose whether or not a short one appears in the notification description of the notification message. "Always Show Short Looks”Is an option activated by default. If you only want to see from which application you receive a notification message, but without a preview of it, then you can deactivate this option. Note that the preview is not active unless you have it Apple Watch by hand and it is unlocked.
With "Privacy Notification", Notification messages will only be displayed when you click on the notification. It is a very useful option when you have people nearby and receive important messages.

The above settings are general settings for all alerts sent by applications. Both native and third.

How to manage notifications from applications on Apple Watch (Notifications Setup)

Regarding notification settings Depending on the application, you should know that there is a big difference between native applications of Apple Watch / iPhone si applications from other developers (third party applications).
In fact, in the "Notifications" settings page, the applications are divided into two groups. Applications with extended settings support for alerts and sending applications alert in the mirror with those on iPhone (Mirror iPhone Alerts), which only supports activation and deactivation.


For native applications such as: Mail, Calendar, Reminders, Activity, the user has the option to choose to send on Apple Watch mirror notifications cu iPhone (Mirror my iPhone) or personalized notifications (Custom).

To take the native Mail application script. If on iPhone we multiple email accounts added to the Mail application, and notification alerts are activated for all accountson Apple Watch will receive alerts just like on iPhone, if the Mail setting is “Mirror my iPhone".

As can be seen in the image above, on Apple Watch I receive notifications from all email accounts added on iPhone. Gmail, Laurentiu, Outlook, iCloud & VIPs, with the option “Mirror my iPhone”, While at“ Custom ”there will be a series of options from where we can customize the alerts of the Mail application and of each e-mail account added.

Let's just say that Apple Watch I'm not interested in receiving alerts from messages received on my Gmail account. In this case, instead of “Mirror my iPhone"I will choose the" Custom "option, then in" Gmail "I will set" Off "by disabling the"Show Alerts from Gmail".

With this setting turned off, every time I receive a message on Gmail, I will be notified only on iPhone. On Apple Watch I will not have any notification, but Gmail voting messages could be accessed at any time from the Mail application a Apple Watch.
We also have the possibility to leave the notification activated in "Notifications”But without being alerted by its sound sensory vibration (haptic).

In this way we will be able to make custom alert and notification settings for all native applications.

For the other applications, we only have the possibility to activate or deactivate the notifications, without being able to personalize something.

How to enable, disable or customize alerts / notifications from applications on Apple Watch (Apple Watch Notifications)

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