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How to set alerts and notifications on Apple Watch (Silent Mode, DND, Haptic / Vibrate)

In a previous article I showed how notifications and alerts can be set for each installed application pe Apple Watch. Both for native applications (mostly developed by Apple) as well as for the applications installed on iPhone and compatible with Apple Watch.

Besides the possibility to control notifications and alerts individually, for each application, Apple Watch also has some general settings for various scenarios. For example, we can set Apple Watch not to receive alerts and notifications between certain hours, we can choose not to turn on the display or use the notifications vibration mode (haptic), without sound.

Let's see one by one general settings for alerts and notifications on Apple Watch.

How to set the volume of the alert sound and how loud it vibrates when we receive notifications (Sounds & Haptics)

Access to settings "Sounds & Haptics”Is made the simplest from the Watch application on iPhone. As I have said in other articles, Apple Watch is addictive iPhone.

Let's go to the application Watch →  Sounds & Haptics. Here the first option at the top is for setting the alert sound intensity. Swipe left or right depending on how loud you want the clock to sound when you receive a notification. Under this option there is the possibility to choose and "Silent Mode", If we do not want to bother with sound alerts.

Setting vibrations to alerts it's very simple from "Haptics". We have his option we deactivate the vibrations Apple Watch when we receive an alert or do more prominent vibration. Often, this haptic function helps in crowded environments with high ambient sound, where audible alerts it would be impossible to hear.

Also from "Sounds & Haptics" we can choose if Apple Watch it vibrate when we turn the wheel or an alert is turned off then when we cover the screen Apple Watch with your hand. For example, when someone calls us and we do not want to answer, the alert is silenced by simply covering the screen with your palm.

In addition to individual settings and general alert settings, Apple Watch also has some quick settings that will help you turn it on and off: Silent Mode, DND (Do Not Disturb), Sleep (Bedtime) or Theater Mode.

Silent Mode: Will disable or enable all audible alerts, including calls, alarms and timers. Apple The watch will continue to vibrate when you receive a notification.

Do Not Disturb (DND): This mode will also change the status iPhone. Activated on Apple Watch, DND mode will be activated automatically on iPhone. With DND "On", all types of alerts will be disabled. Apple Watch will not emit alert sounds or notifications, it will not vibrate and the screen will not light up. Will stay activate alarm notifications and for heart rate. You can choose to activate DND for one hour, until you leave the location where you activated it, until an event ends, active until evening at 19:00 or until you deactivate it manually. DND mode can be customized more from the settings on iPhone. From there you can choose the people who can contact you when the DND mode is active, plus other scenarios in which iPhone si Apple Watch it alert you even if DND is enabled.

Theater Mode: It is little used, because most users of Apple Watch I don't know what these actually mean two theater masks. When the "Theater Mode" function is active, Apple The watch will automatically enter "Silent" mode and the watch screen will only light up when you touch it or press a button. It does not light up when you receive notifications or when you raise your hand and look at your watch.

In addition to these settings, you can program automatic entry and exit from DND mode via the sleep monitoring application. Sleep. You can set a sleep schedule for weekdays and another schedule for weekends. You can find the settings for "Sleep" in the Watch → Sleep application.

How to set alerts and notifications on Apple Watch (Silent Mode, DND, Haptic / Vibrate)

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