How to sync iPhone on Windows 11 using Phone Link.

For device owners Apple, the interaction with the operating system Windows it's a pretty old problem. Especially when it comes to synchronization iPhone pe Windows 11, to be able to receive or send SMS si imessages directly from your PC. In this tutorial you will see how to synchronize iPhone pe Windows 11 with Phone Link.

Microsoft recently released it to a limited number of users Windows Insider program, an update to the application Phone Link, which allows timing iPhone with Windows 11. So that the owners of iPhone they can use Windows PC to receive and send from SMS si iMessages.

This association a iPhone with Windows 11 by Phone Link will allow users to synchronize contacts, phone calls and messages. However, there is also a large set of limitations.

How to sync iPhone on Windows 11 using Phone Link.

To synchronize iPhone pe Windows 11, first of all you have to associate the device and give it the necessary permissions for synchronization. In this tutorial you will see step by step how do you do this

1. You must have iPhone in the vicinity of the computer with Windows 11 with which you want to associate it. Also, Bluetooth it must be activated on both devices.

2. Install on iPhone the app Link to Windows.

2. Open the application Phone Link pe Windows 11 and you choose iPhone from Welcome Screen.

Sincronizare iPhone pe Windows 11 - Phone Link for iOS
Sync iPhone in Phone Link

3. The setup steps will start with scanning a QR code with your iPhone. Process somewhat similar to logging in on WhatsApp Desktop.

4. Confirm that it is the same verification code from Phone Link and the one displayed on the iPhone.

5. Grant content association permissions. After this step, the association between iPhone si Phone Link.

Peer iPhone to Phone Link - Windows 11
Peer iPhone to Phone Link - Windows 11

Next, you must grant Bluetooth permissions on the iPhone for the application Phone Link. This is an important step because notifications and contacts on iPhone to display correctly in Phone Link pe Windows 11.

Once the synchronization process between iPhone si Phone Link, you will automatically receive notifications for calls and messages on Windows 11. Timing iPhone pe Windows 11.

How to sync iPhone on Windows 11 using Phone Link.
How to sync iPhone on Windows 11 using Phone Link.

However, there are many limitations. Phone Link it will not download the history of messages from conversations, nor the messages received or sent while you were not at the PC. You will not benefit from the features iMessages: edit and delete sent message, send and receive media content in messages, memoji, group messages, plus many others.

How to sync iPhone on Windows 11 using Phone Link.

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