Update firmware for AirPods and MagSafe and other products

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Apple recently released a firmware update for AirPods, Beats Fit Pro, PowerBeats Pro and the wireless charger, MagSafe.

As we got used to some of its quirks Apple, there is no way you can manually update the firmware for AirPods. All you can do is wait and hope that the new firmware update will install itself.

The firmware installation should bring better stability and efficiency of the chip on AirPods, and apparently this update targets the wireless charging process.

If you are the owner of AirPods you can check if the firmware update has been done.

How can you check if the firmware is updated on AirPods?

To check the firmware version present on AirPods, you can do it by two methods. With headphones in the ears and connected to iPhone, or, from the options Bluetooth on iPhone to which they were connected AirPods.

How to check if a firmware update has been made for AirPods
How to check if a firmware update has been made for AirPods

Current firmware versions for all AirPods models (less than 1st gen.):

- AirPods 2 and AirPods 3: Firmware 5E135

- AirPods Pro 1 and AirPods Pro 2: Firmware 5E135

- AirPods Max: Firmware 5E135

Daca AirPods they haven't received the latest firmware version, all you can do is keep them close iPhone connected to the internet. The firmware update will download and install automatically.

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