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Apple Applications and Services for iOS and iPadOS limited by Region and Language

I have written several times about the fact that Apple discriminates visible when it comes to applications and content for iOS si iPadOS. In Eastern Europe we are some countries that we unfortunately got used to with "double standard". To receive lower quality products than Western Europe and USA, even if they are sold under the same label ... si often more expensive.

The same "double standard" is applied by Apple when it comes to applications and services, although we all buy devices iPhone, iPad, Poppy and others, just as expensive. Or even more expensive, because of taxes and additions.
If I were in US, I would buy one iPhone 11 Pro / 64GB cu $ 999, directly from Being in a country from East of Europe, the lowest price is $ 1.275 (LEI conversion> USD).

I buy it and get my subscriptions to Apple Music, iCloud Storage, Apple Arcade and other services, such as a user in the US, UK, Canada or Australia. Only here are the limitations. application Apple News I can't use it because is not available in the country from which I am, and Apple knows this based on the debit / credit card attached to Apple ID. I use a trick, change the region and manage to have Apple News on iPhone, iPad and Mac, after which I find that certain channels of information are blocked for the country from which they are. And we are not talking here about who knows what sources of local interest. For example, I don't see why I couldn't have a subscription Apple News +, to read articles of general culture or from any other sphere. In English, because it doesn't bother me. Or have access to channels like that National Geographic.

National Geographic is present on all cable TV operators, but Apple News is "Channel Unavailable / This channel is not currently available in your region". Nice.

Few users know (nor would they know how), that some games and applications from App Store they are only accessible if they have an Apple ID registered in the US, Canada, UK or Australia. For users in other geographic regions, those games and applications do not exist. I can't see them, I can find out about them only by chance, through a review blog or tech portal.

Apple Music enjoys the largest library of songs in the world. Over 60 million songs in Apple Music, service accessible exclusively on the basis of a monthly subscription. Only subscribers from the US, Canada and UK benefit from the entire content. The rest do not have the appropriate ears for certain songs. "This song is not currently available in your country or region"

The list of services, features and applications available in a limited number of countries can continue with Apple CarPlay, Siri, Apple Pay, QuickPath, iTunes Store Movies si iTunes Store TV Shows, Notes / Searchable Handwriting and other. We never say anything about extra guarantees and services / discounts for students / education.

It is good though that Apple has published one complete list with the availability of services and features depending on the language and region, but what is not said there, is that although in certain regions services are available, these offers limited content.

I am surprised that so far the EU has not been notified of these aberrant limitations imposed by Apple. It is never late, and as other giants have suffered, it would be really fun to see “ is not currently available in the EU"

to be continued…

Apple Applications and Services for iOS and iPadOS limited by Region and Language

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