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Apple Pay has officially launched in Romania - Banks that accept Apple Pay

Starting with 26 Jun 2019, card processors, MasterCard si Visa have announced the service Apple Pay has become available to customers Transylvania Bank, ING Bank, UniCredit Bank, Edenred, Mone, Revolut si Orange Money. BCR, OTP si Raiffeisen Bank will provide the service Apple Pay in the near future. This step is part of the service expansion process Apple Pay, which included in this wave 13 countries in Europe, including Romania.

So, if you are a customer of one or more of the banks mentioned above, you can use the service with confidence. Apple Pay. It is a very simple and secure way to pay at restaurants, shops, gas stations and other places where they are available contactless terminals (POS). It is worth noting that POS terminals that can be used for Apple Pay are the same as those consumers already use when I pay contactless using my debit card or credit card.
Currently, in Romania, three out of four payments at POS terminals are made using contactless. Approaching the contactless card to the POS terminal.
Cu Apple Pay will just be enough to approach iPhone of POS and to authorizing the transaction cu touch ID, Face ID or unlock password a iPhone.

How safe it is Apple Pay for Visa cardholders

Apple Pay places great emphasis on security and privacy. When we use the service Apple Pay, debit or credit card data will not be stored on servers Apple or on the device. A unique account number will be used for the device (iPhone) provided by Visa Token Service and each transaction made with Apple Pay will be authorized by a unique and dynamic code. Visa tokenization technology that mobile payments are very secure. Replacing account data with a digital identifier (token) used specifically for each device, makes account and card information never disclosed, thus providing an additional level of security to digital payments.

How safe it is Apple Pay for Mastercard cardholders

Mastercard have announced that in order to protect the data, I use the service Mastercard Digital Enablement (MDES) with the most advanced payment technologies - EMC, tokenization si cryptography.
Respecting the standards imposed by Apple regarding the confidentiality and protection of personal data, the use of the Mastercard credit or debit card through Apple Pay does not involve storing confidential data on the device or servers Apple. Instead, Mastercard assigns a unique secure code number, which is saved encrypted in the security settings of iPhone. Each transaction will be authorized with a unique and dynamic security code.

For both Mastracard and Visa owners, this whole process of encryption and security through unique and dynamic code during payments through Apple Pay does not imply any action on the part of the user.

How do we pay at the store, restaurant or any other POS with Apple Pay

First, the POS terminal must be contactless. At present, in Romania, 90% of the terminals are contactless, and up to 2020 all terminals will provide this service.
You must have a iPhone, and your debit or credit card added to the "Wallet" application. You can of course add more cards.
When you have to make a payment at POS, instead of approaching the terminal card, you will open the "Wallet" application on your phone, select the card you want to use for payment, press the sleep / sleep button twice. power ”al iPhone, authorize yourself with Touch ID, Face ID or device code, then approach the POS.
Payment will be made in less than one second. This way you get rid of the classic wallet and card wallet.

Apple Pay has officially launched in Romania - Banks that accept Apple Pay

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