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Erase All Content and Settings on iPhone and iPad with iOS 11

iOS 11 was launched in Beta version for everyone who wants to test the future operating system for iPhone si iPad.

As we have seen in our tests, the new system is now has a lot of bugsand malfunctions, some even in the menu settings / options.
One of the problems faced by users is the inability to totally reset iPhone or iPadwith delete data completely.

We don't know if it's an iOS 11 bug or if Apple intentionally blocked this option for devices that have an iCloud / Apple ID account logged on to them, but it's clear that "Erase All Content and Settings" isn't working until we disable it. iCloud account logged in to iPhone or iPad.

Erase All Content and Settings

So, to delete all data from an iOS 11 device, all we have to do is log out of our Apple account before clicking on "Erase All Content and Settings".

How do I deregister an iCloud account on your iPhone or iPad? 

Go to "Settings" on iPhone or iPad, then click on the username option. This is the first option in the "Settings" menu.


In the menu that opens, scroll to the bottom and press "Sign Out".


In the box that opens, enter the iCloud password, then click "Turn Off".


The de-authentication process can take several minutes. After completing this process, we go to "Settings”>“General”>“Reset”>“Erase All Content and Settings".

Careful! This one operation will delete all data on your iPhone or iPad and will bring all the settings to the factory, but on the device you will have all iOS 11 Beta.

Erase All Content and Settings on iPhone and iPad with iOS 11

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  • Nak tanya..apa makna delete all content and settings #ios ?? Adakah semua data, gambar dan yang saya download yang terhapus dengan begitu sahaja? Saya hanya ingin hapuskan data dalam mobile legend untuk beka akaun baru .. reply me please

    • Usually this feature is used before you sell your iPhone, iPod or give it to someone. Then all the data needs to be deleted. Another reason is to do a total reset. If you have pictures, documents and other synchronized data in iCloud, they will return to the device after resetting.