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iPhone SE (2020) - The cheapest iPhone - Is it worth the upgrade?

At a distance of four years, Apple has launched a new iPhone SE model. iPhone SE (second generation), we do not know if it will have the success of the first SE in the spring of 2016, but it is certainly an interesting device.
Many would say that the first minus of it iPhone SE is the screen. This is not on the entire front surface, as we used to from the iPhone X until now, but it is a re-release of the iPhone 8. That is a display 4.7-inch HD retina cu true Tone. The difference is that Apple gave up Touch 3D from iPhone 8 in favor Haptic Touch. At the bottom, under the display we find the button touch ID.

The dimensions and weight are the same as the iPhone 8. That is height of 138.4 mm, width 67.3 mm, thickness 7.3 mm and weighing 148 grams.

Chip and Camera

With all these similarities, the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE (2nd generation) cannot be compared. The new model comes with some features and technologies taken from the iPhone Pro 11, and they really make the difference. At least in the long term.
Although considered a low-cost model (starting at $ 399 free of charge), the iPhone SE comes with the same chip as the iPhone 11 Pro.
Thanks to this chip A13 Bionic third generation Neural Engine, iPhone SE is capable of portrait mode with Depth Control si Portrait Lighting with six effects: Natural, Studio, Contour, Stage, Stage Mono, High-Key Mono. In addition, the pictures captured with camera wide at 12MP benefits from the latest generation of Smart HDR.
On the video capture side, the specifications are almost identical to the iPhone 8. The only difference is that the iPhone SE is capable of stereo sound recording during video capture.

IPhone SE connectivity

And in this chapter iPhone excels. Comes with the latest standard for Wi-Fi. 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 with 2 × 2 MIMO and supports connection LTE Gigabit-class. These specifications translate to a higher internet speed on both Wi-Fi and LTE / 4G.

The question that is on the lips of many is whether or not this device is worth the money. Certainly, yes!
If it is to make a comparison with other iPhone models that are currently on the market, it is definitely worth it. However, it depends on which model you want to upgrade. IPhone 8 owners would have no reason to switch to iPhone SE at the moment. This is one aspect. Another element to consider is the price difference between iPhone 8 and iPhone SE. Apple is no longer selling the iPhone 8, but the model is on the market in many stores. With the launch of the iPhone SE, for iPhone 8 there are two variants. Either it disappears from the market altogether, or it will have a reduced price below $ 400. Otherwise it could not compete with the iPhone SE. At this time, stores are selling iPhone 8 at the price that will be launched iPhone SE.

In terms of sales, the success of the iPhone SE could be guaranteed by a possible global financial crisis. It is a very powerful smartphone and more accessible than the top models from Apple or other manufacturers, such as Samsung, Huawei and others.

iPhone SE will be available in stores starting April 24, 2020.

iPhone SE (2020) - The cheapest iPhone - Is it worth the upgrade?

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