Until February 9, Apple will close all offices and stores in China

Coronavirus (2019-Ncov) is no longer to be ignored, given the current situation. In China there are almost 20.000 people infected at this time, while the death toll rises to several hundred, and new cases are emerging every day.
As you know, the epicenter of the virus is in the area Wuhan from China, but it spread rapidly, and cases of illness were reported in 26 countries.

In order to protect employees and prevent the spread of coronavirus, Apple made the decision to shut down all offices, offices and contact centers in China by February 9.
The announcement was made in a statement sent by the US company to Bloomberg, in which it is specified that until February 9 2020, Apple has closed down all the stores, offices, offices and information centers in China. Not less than 42 Apple stores will be closed during this period.

It is not clear at this time if factories manufacturing Apple devices, administered by Foxconn, will be shut down or if the production is affected by coronavirus.
At the moment, Nintendo has announced that they have serious problems in terms of production Nintendo Switch game console, more workers being contaminated.

Until February 9, Apple will close all offices and stores in China

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