The black spot (Black Spot Display) on the screen Apple Watch [How To Fix]

Apple Watch are probably the best performing smartwatches on the market, appreciated primarily for the operating system watchOS which brings many interesting features, sensors capable of read the oxygen level in the blood, to measures heart rate, to do electrocardiogram, plus premium finishes and good quality materials.
With all these pluses, they are also owners of Apple Watch who found a big minus. Assembly defects which allow water to enter under the screen, even if the watch was not submerged or exposed to torrential rain.
At least about the last generations of Apple Watch, Apple tells us that they are water resistant, More mutl than that, Apple Watch 5 and Apple Watch 6 are designed to measure the effort made while swimming.

A problem encountered by many owners of Apple Watch, is the appearance of a black spots at the top of the screen. The stain that most of the time enlarges and acquires a turquoise contour.

The black spot (Black Spot Display) on the screen Apple Watch [How To Fix]

Why black spot appears on the screen Apple Watch?

This black spot (black spots) on displayCPC Apple Watch, is not the result of a software error (watchOS) or mechanical shock. Therefore, it is not a solution to reset Apple Watch, because the stain still won't go away. It is permanent, and over time it can increase in size.
Most of those who face this problem at Apple Watch, say that the black spot on the screen appeared about after 12 - 14 months of use a Apple Watch.
Apparently it's a manufacturing defect. One of the layers that make up the screen comes off and allows water (be it condensation) to reach the OLED / LED screen. one way to solve is in a authorized service Apple.
We do not know if displaymust be completely replaced, but sure OLEDCPC (Apple Watch 5) must be changed.

If you have encountered this problem, please leave us in the comments your experience with the authorized service Apple. We are still waiting for the answer from the service. We come back with updates.


Apple Watchthe defect was taken to a authorized service Apple, where following the technical finding it was replaced with a new one after a few days.

The black spot (Black Spot Display) on the screen Apple Watch [How To Fix]

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  • I have this problem with my brand new apple watch series 6 a few months after purchase.
    I booked an appointment with Apple store to see if this is going to be repaired or replaced under the warranty.

  • I have this problem also. I believe since I got it, the spot has become bigger.
    Series 6.
    Kinda pissed.

    Let me know what resolutions yall come up with.

    • You go with Apple Watch in the store you bought or in an Apple's authorized service and change it with a new one.
      The 6 Series is still under warranty.

  • Jeg har et APPEL WATCH med en sort plet, som vokser, og har vertet hos HUMARK, hvor jeg har köpt det for at reklamere. Men der var ikke noget at gøre og forsikringen dekkede ikke. Uret er 5 år gammelt. Jeg kunne få

    kr 28,00

    for det ved køb af nyt. Kan dette være rigtigt ?????????????????