Apple announces RCS messages on iPhone in 2024

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Good news from Apple! The company announces the implementation of the Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging standard on the iPhone, starting in the second half of 2024.

Android users are already familiar with the RCS messaging standard, but we can't say that iPhone users have been missing out on this standard, which has almost the same features as iMessages. However, it's still very welcome news from Apple, which announces the RCS messaging standard on the iPhone in 2024.

In a surprising move, Apple announced that it will adopt the RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging standard, rolling out the feature through a software update next year. This will bring functions similar to those of iMessage in exchanging messages between iPhone and Android users.

However, the company Apple says that iMessage will remain the primary platform for communication between iPhone users, being more secure and more privacy-friendly than RCS, which currently does not offer as strong encryption.

What advantages will the introduction of RCS messages bring to the iPhone?

The introduction of RCS messages on the iPhone will be an advantage for both Android smartphone users and iPhone users. Through the features of this messaging standard, users will be able to send high-resolution photos and video content, share location within text conversations, or participate in group discussions.

As well as iMessage, WhatsApp, through the RCS messaging standard, users will receive read receipts (Read / Seen), which shows when someone has read or received your message. Read receipts also show your contact when you've read their message.

Unlike regular SMS, RCS can operate through mobile data or Wi-Fi, making this standard support features almost similar to those offered by WhatsApp or iMessage. However, there is a catch. End-to-end encryption of conversations is not inherently implemented in the RCS standard, compared to applications like iMessage and WhatsApp. For Android devices, Google chose to implement end-to-end encryption at the level of the Messages app, rather than making it a part of the RCS specification itself.

The good news is that Apple is committed to working with GSMA members to improve the RCS protocol in the future, excluding an encryption of this protocol at the level of the Messages application. The goal being to implement end-to-end encryption at the level of the RCS standard.

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In conclusion, the implementation of the RCS messaging standard on the iPhone will allow Android and iPhone users to exchange media content through messages, create groups, share locations, in addition to the features currently present in WhatsApp or iMessage.

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