Google and Samsung will repair the phones of doctors fighting COVID-19 for free

A very interesting and welcome initiative, through which Samsung comes to the aid of doctors in the "first line". The company announces that medical staff fighting the new coronavirus and emergency physicians, they will benefit of free smartphone repairincluding those with broken screen or requiring battery change. The service will be done at one of the locations uBreakiFix, where those eligible are urged to go or send their devices for service.
Also for doctors, Samsung offers a 30% discount for all the devices Galaxy available on
both deals of Samsung are valid until July 30, 2020.

In a separate action, Google comes up with a similar action. Any doctor or emergency medical staff is enough to show up with the device Google Pixel and with a doctor's card, in one of the cases uBreakiFix to benefit from free repair. Whatever the Google smartphone model and the type of damage, it can be repaired for free until June 30, 2020.

The two programs, although offering the same services to physicians, are independent. Momentary Apple did not announce anything similar, but it would not be excluded that in the immediate future, the company will come up with a program to help doctors who fight every day to save patients infected with COVID-19.

These services are unfortunately only available in the USA, where uBreakiFix has over 500 locations in all states.

Google and Samsung will repair the phones of doctors fighting COVID-19 for free

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