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How can we set a passcode on your iPhone or iPad (Alphanumeric Password)

New generations of iPhone and iPad have besides password (pass code) unlock and functions touch ID or Face ID (iPhone X), but the latter can not be used if it is not after the initial boot of the device introduced passcode. This is a password that we can set since the first device initialization.

Old versions of iOS allowed to use a pass code / PIN de release four-digit screen. Starting with iOS 9, Apple has set default as unlock password to be from 6 figures. A stronger password than the original one with 4 digits.
Users who want it stronger password, consisting of more than 6 digits or o alphanumeric password, formatted both in figures and letters, can always choose to change the old passcode with a stronger one. Of course, using a multiple-character alphanumeric password also requires a longer unlock time if it is not available touch ID or Face ID. Technologies that enable fingerprint or facial unblocking.

How to set a strong password on your iPhone or iPad

Before you set a strong password, you must have iOS 9 or newer. Older versions do not allow setting a password / passcode larger than 4 digits.

1. go to Settings →  Touch ID & Passcode

Accessing the menu "Touch ID & Passcode" is made only after you enter your current password, Touch ID not allowed for unlocking this menu. A As security what prevents a third party receiving the unlocked device from changing your password.

2. After entering the current device password, go to the option "Change Passcode".

In these sections you will be repeatedly asked to enter the current password.

3. If you have set a 4-digit PIN passcode, you will notice that immediately after pressing "Change Passcode", you will be asked to enter a new 6-digit passcode. At the bottom, under the dedicated space for the 6-digit password, there is also the option through which you can select another type of password for the device. Click “Passcode Options”And select what type of password you want to set on iPhone or iPad.

Choose "Custom Alphanumeric Code”For a password combined with numbers and letters,“ Custom Numeric Code ”for a password consisting only of digits or choose the old password / PIN consisting of 4 digits.

After entering the new passcode it may take a few seconds for the change to take effect. Time the device is unavailable.
It is highly recommended that you keep the new passcode written in a safe place.

How can we set a passcode on your iPhone or iPad (Alphanumeric Password)

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