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WhatsApp Messenger Auto Play All Voice Messages

Voice Messages is a very useful option in WhatsApp, especially when it is difficult to type or when we are at the wheel of the car (the ideal would be to not use the mobile phone at all). Voicemail sending is much simpler than text messaging and does not mean we should be very careful about the smartphone.
Up to the latest version of WhatsApp was a problem when we received several consecutive voice messages in a conversation. For each audio message it was supposed to be press the "play" button to listen to him.

With the release WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.100 for iPhone, this inconvenience has been resolved. WhatsApp now offers support to listen to all audio messages received consecutively in a conversation. So it is enough to play a single message, and all the others sent later will start automatically. This way we no longer have to press the play button for each message.

Besides this option auto-play for all voice messages Received consecutively, the new version has also improved its option reply, forward, delete, copy si star for messages in conversations. A prolonged push on the message you want to do, and the new menu will put all your options on hand.
This new version is also optimized for new devices iPhone XS Max released this fall Apple.

The update is available to all owners of iPhone in the App Store → Updates. In a previous article I showed how can you force application updates on iOS.

WhatsApp Messenger Auto Play All Voice Messages

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