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How do I stop AnyDesk from opening on my MacOS Mojave startup?

AnyDesk is a good alternative to TeamViewerBoth on Windows and the MacOS. Especially if TeamViewer erroneously detects that it is being used application for commercial purposes and just let us 5 minute connecting remote with another PC, if not we buy the license.

AnyDesk for macOS is a very intuitive application that does not offer too many options, but you do the job with it in the free version too. To connect remotely to another PC from time to time, it is very ok. Fast, lag-free fast connection, good picture quality in the remote and minimal intuitive options.
The only problem with AnyDesk is that it opens itself once the macOS starts, and in options / preferences there is no possibility of disable AnyDesk in startup. Fortunately, there is a very simple way to prevent the application from booting when starting Mac.

How to Disable / Remove AnyDesk from Startup on Mac

Normally, applications that are set to boot up with the operating system must be in System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login Items. But there are applications like AnyDesk that does not show anything in "Login Items"And does not provide the user with any option to disable startup from the interface or options. In this case, we will need to manually delete the application's automatic launch files.

Open Finder (Shift + Command + G) and browse the folders:




In these folders we identify, archive the files belonging to the AnyDesk application, then delete them.

Archiving is recommended in case you later want to re-create AnyDesk in startup. After deleting the files, the next time MacOS restarts, AnyDesk will not be launched automatically.

The tutorial has been tested on MacOS Mojave 10.14.

How do I stop AnyDesk from opening on my MacOS Mojave startup?

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