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How can we change the HEIF / .HEIC image format in .JPG on iPhone

A seemingly very simple set-up, but which gives the headache of many iPhone users.

With iOS 11, Apple has brought more news, including the new format for photo files. HEIF (High Efficiency Image File Format) uses a new technology compression for image files, replacing the classic . JPG. The big advantage of HEIF is that it is occupies less space than a .JPG file without losing anything image quality.

Being a new format is currently only native to Apple devices. iOS 11 si MacOS High Sierra can open and edit .HEIC files (extension for HEIF)

This format is only recommended if you intend to keep the pictures on iPhone, iPad or if you are the owner of a Poppy / MacBook cu High Sierra to export. If you have Windows PC and want to export the photos on iPhone pe PC / laptop, it is best to have the photos in the .JPG compatible format.

In this sense, you can change the format in which pictures are taken with iPhone's Camera application. Change the .HEIC format in .JPG from the "Camera" settings of iPhone / iOS.

How to change the format of .HEIC (HEIF) photos in .JPG on iPhone

  1. Open "Settings" and go to "Camera".
  2. In "Camera" we open the "Formats"
  3. Selecting "Most Compatible"

After selecting "Most Compatible", Photos taken with the iPhone Camera app will automatically be saved in the .JPG format. A format that can be opened and edited on Windows.

Currently, even if you use macOS High Sierra, a picture taken and exported in .HEIC format can only be edited with Photos or Preview. Both developed by Apple and present by default on Mac.
In the near future, Adobe plans to provide editing support Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator si InDesign.

How can we change the HEIF / .HEIC image format in .JPG on iPhone

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  • Thank you very much!
    I was shocked by new 11 cuts. New formats can be downloaded for free, uploaded to a website for conversion, convert, upload, and pop up in a popup. Столько убитого времени! Потомону мне не заглушить в пароль и отписахься от чего Ваша инструкция меня избавила :)))) В йтоге промени настройките и вуяля! new photo slides in JPEG, not in Hiec. Thank you!

  • Finde das alles etwas kompliziert. Nutze inzwischen den Apowersoft Heic zu JPG Converter. Zwar nur ein webbasiertes Tool, funktioniert aber super.

  • Mittlerweile braucht man gar keinen Konverter wenn esinen HEIC Plugin für Windows gibt. The HEIC Photo Guide in Windows Explorer is now available with the Doppelklick öffnen. Das Tool heißt CopyTrans HEIC for Windows

  • [...] Every time a new iPhone is launched, one of the features we're interested in is the performance of the camera. How many megapixels does it have, how clear are the nights pictures - in dim light, how it is with focus and exposure time, etc. elements. As the iPhone cameras have evolved, the size of the .JPG files (pictures) and implicitly the space on the iPhone was higher. Some time ago, Apple adopted a proprietary compression system to reduce the amount of picture space on the devices without reducing their quality. About .HEIC (HEIF) and how you can convert from these .HEIC formats to .JPG find details here. [...]