Apple is introducing new measures to protect the profiles of iPhone and Mac users.

Starting this fall (2023), Apple introduces new measures to protect users' profiles iPhone and Mac. The Company will ask app developers for more information about the purpose for which data points are collected that can create a user's profile. "Fingerprinting".

App developers for iPhone or Mac USED API (Application Programming Interface) made available by Apple to create applications. Through these API, developers can collect data about the user who installed the application. Model iPhone, IP address, resolution used, times the application is accessed, battery status, plus many other data. Based on this data, developers can profile a user for purposes that are not supported by the policies Apple.

This type of fingerprinting is often used in online advertising, user behavior analysis and fraud prevention.

Apple is introducing new measures to protect the profiles of iPhone and Mac users.

Apple is introducing new API requirements this fall, forcing app developers to justify collecting certain data to create user profiles by “fingerprinting".

This measure is in addition to other measures that Apple has already implemented them and by which they protect users' profile iPhone and computers Mac.

This step is intended to prevent abuse of APIs for "fingerprinting", which collects various data points about users and devices to create unique profiles. This change will ensure that developers use the APIs only for the purposes for which they were created. These measures are aimed at protecting the privacy and security of users, avoiding possible improper uses of the technology of "fingerprinting".

What does fingerprinting mean?

Fingerprinting, or fingerprinting, refers to the process of identifying and recognizing a user based on unique and distinctive characteristics. These characteristics can be of a technical, behavioral or biometric nature and are used to create a unique digital "fingerprint" of the respective user.

This requirement Apple will become mandatory for all developers in the near future to ensure that new applications present in App Store adhere to these standards from the start.

Apple is introducing new measures to protect the profiles of iPhone and Mac users.

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