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iOS 10 will be released in 2016 - The most desired news of the new iOS for iPhone 7 and iPad

As we have accustomed each autumn, Apple launches a new one iOS and a new one OS X for its devices, iPhone / iPad and that Mac. It is unlikely that Apple to take the idea Microsoft products to jump over a version number (switching from Windows 8.1 la Windows 10) and launch iOS 11. No, this will not happen, and this year, Apple will launch iOS 10 for the new range, iPhone 7.

Even if Apple has largely taken into account the wishes of users, it is a little early to say exactly what they will be iOS 10 features. We see on many specialized forums, various requirements from users. One part focuses on productivity, one part on UX / UI (graphical interface), and another part on the development of new applications to be included in iOS 10 on iPhone 7.
Apparently, the most important update on the applications side, you will receive it iPhotos for iPhone si iPad. andPhotos will become easier for Fix your photos, adding effects, changes of luminosity, contrast and other similar options.

Dark Mode in iOS 10

Among device users Apple, are important photographic communities, producers of video clips si graphic. In OS X Yosemite, Apple included as an optional graphical interface Dark (Gray) for OS X. It is known that a dark color interface better highlights photos and videos. Those working in the field of image processing have gladly received this new option in Yosemite. It is very possible that iOS 10 will include such an option and we will also have a Dark graphical interface on iPhone and / or on iPad.

Development Siri in iOS 10

Siri will begin to play an increasingly important role on devices Apple. Specialty magazines say Apple plans an expansion of capability Siri on iOS 10. The application will be able to respond to some voice calls (a kind of Voicemail able to take calls), open and read messages received on Mail and iMessage. It is very possible in case of launching iOS 10 multi-user, Siri be able to identify the user's voice footprint and provide answers based on the history of his searches and accesses on iOS.

Multi-user on iOS 10 and combining multiple accounts iCloud (Apple ID)

This feature will almost certainly be implemented on all devices iPad but by Apple. Possibility to add multiple accounts (Apple ID) on the same device, is one of the great requirements of users. Here are two issues to consider. The first would be adding two accounts, in two different users, and the second problem is adding and combining the second or multiple accounts of the same user. Apple launched the ID system 15 years ago, when many of the applications Apple they were paid. Gender iTools, In 2003, Apple launched iTunes and a new ID system. The problem is that for 15 years, many users have bought applications on multiple accounts, which cannot be combined at the same time. iPad or iPhone.

3rd-party applications for Mail, Calendar, Reminder, and Keyboard

This is the biggest desire and novelty that would help many users. Possibility to replace the default applications for Mail, Calendar, Reminder, and even the keyboard. We don't think so Apple will take this request into account. It would be an absolute novelty as a iPhone or iPad to be able to install an application that changes the keyboard or the Mail application (default).

Hide pre-installed apps

It would not be excluded that on iOS 10 we will meet a feature added for some time on Android. Hide preinstalled applications on the screen. Applications like Tips, Game Center, Watch, Wallet, Stocks and iBooks are used by a relatively small number of users, but they can not be removed from the screen.

Adding new options and customizing the Control Center

With the release of iOS 9.3, Control Center received a new option in addition to those in previous versions. Night Shift. On iOS 10, it is very likely that Apple to introduce the possibility of customizing the Control Center. Adding and changing the positions of the options: Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Portrait Orientation, Camera, Flashlight, Computer, Alarm Clock, Night Shift or even removing some of them.

The most awaited is the change of the graphical interface. Menus and icons for pre-installed applications. Every two to three years, Apple came up with these changes. It would not be excluded to see an iOS 10 with glossy icons 🙂

As we learn news and hear rumors about iOS 10, we'll keep you up to date.

iOS 10 will be released in 2016 - The most desired news of the new iOS for iPhone 7 and iPad

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