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iPhone 12 will come without headphones and charger in the box (Kuo Ming-Chi)

Kuo is one of the most accurate analysts and "clairvoyants" in Apple products worldwide. Since 2011, a lot of information given by Kuo has turned out to be real at the time of the launch of an Apple product.
This time, Kuo comes with news that has caused waves in iPhone user communities. Future devices iPhone 12, which will be launched this fall by Apple, will come without wired headphones and charger in the box. It will have to be bought separately at a fairly high price, as Apple has accustomed its consumers.

The decision seems to come from Apple's desire to launch the devices iPhone 12 at the same price as the iPhone 11 at launch. Thus, removing from the box wired headphones si mains charger, these would offset the price for the components 5G technology. The box of the new iPhone 12 will also be smaller, which will help reduce costs.

It is unclear whether the cable lightning will be included in the iPhone 12 box or it will have to be purchased separately. It wouldn't be a novelty. Watch Apple 3 came in the box with the magnetic charging cable though without plug and mains chargerea.

For iPhone 12 users can use the network chargers 5W, 18W or the new model of 20W. In fact, this will be the only charger model that will be manufactured by Apple.

"iPhone 13 will be sold without iPhone in the box"It's a common joke after this news.

Joking aside, for many Apple device owners, the lack of wired headphones and the network charger in the box will not mean an extra expense. In an article at the end of last year, we show that many of Apple's power supplies are compatible, even if they have different powers. Thus, the charger from the MacBook Pro can be used to charge the iPad Pro or any iPhone that supports fast charging.
More details about compatible Apple power supplies and devices can be found at: “Can we use MacBook Pro charger for iPad or iPhone fast charging?

As for the lack of wired headphones in the box of the future iPhone 12, I consider that most of those who take out of their pockets over 1.000 EUR for an iPhone, have already switched to AirPods or AirPods Pro.

We also learn from Kuo that the iPhone 12 will come in four variants. A model with a small display of 5.4-inch, two models of 6.1-inch (a standard one and a "Pro") and a 6.7-inch "Max" model. All four iPhone 12 models will have OLED display.

iPhone 12 will come without headphones and charger in the box (Kuo Ming-Chi)

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