Left or right headset no longer works / no longer heard - Troubleshooting AirPods

About the wonderful headphones AirPods from Apple I have also talked about other articles, and about their usefulness and functionality, we still say that they can meet all the requirements. Both the version of AirPods of 2016, and also new generation of AirPods which come with a new chip model (W1) and wireless charging casing.

It is known that Apple constantly trying to bring stable idevice and well-optimized operating systems, but nothing is perfect. The same happens with wireless headphones, AirPods. From unplug during call, to problems of pair (pair) cu iPhone, Android, PC or Mac and until one of the headphones malfunctions AirPods (left or right).

Using AirPods day by day, both at the office and when I travel, in more than 10 months I have not had the slightest problem. I used wireless headphones AirPods connected on various devices Apple: MacBook Pro, iPhone X, iPad 4 mini si iPod Pro 2018 11 ″. On all these devices, AirPods they worked great, until one day, when the right helmet refused to start.

The data of the problem are the following: the right helmet was seen by iPhone as with the 100% battery, but once put in the ear, nothing could be heard. Not even a double blow executes the preset command. It was basically non-functional, even if it was seen by iPhone and recharging housing.

What to do if a helmet AirPods it does not work anymore

If one of the earphones AirPods does not work anymore, the right helmet or the left helmet, the most handy solution is to put the earphones in the charging casing and reset them.

Headset reset AirPods is done by pressing the button on the case for 10 - 15 seconds, until the indicator LED inside the case turns orange. Of course, while keeping the button pressed, the casing will remain open.

Once reset, the association with all devices will be lost, and the LED will turn white. Sign that a connection to a device is waiting for.

After this step, go on iPhone, iPad or Mac and reconnect / associate with AirPods. Both castes AirPods will be functional again.

If you had preference settings for double-click commands, they will need to be reset.

Left or right headset no longer works / no longer heard - Troubleshooting AirPods

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