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How to hide US Holidays from Calendar on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Applications of type "Calendar"They are especially useful for very busy people and those who have to fulfill certain tasks, do not forget to reach meetings, do not forget to wish"happy birthday"To a friend or his remind of various activities. The application is very useful for working time planning.

For many years I have successfully used the application "Calendar"In the Apple ecosystem, but to this day I did not pose the problem how to eliminate american holidays"US Holidays”From the calendar. Although I often made slalom among them.

Before we see how we can eliminate national holidays and events from the "Calendar" application, let's see how they got there and why.

Why do US Holidays appear in the "Calendar" application on iPhone, iPad and Mac?

Most users keep the Calendar app synced to their iCloud account. By default, Apple has introduced the big holidays in the calendar the region set when installing the system operating iOS, iPadOS, MacOS. If you chose USA as a location for iPadOS / iOS / macOS, then by default on the calendar you will find national holidays and events in the USA. Even if you have never lived and / or have never been there and you do not know what they represent.
Check the “Settings"→"Languages ​​& Region"→"Region"

Region settings will not affect the language in which the menus and settings are displayed on the iPad or iPhone, but Apple restricts certain applications such as "News" depending on the geographical area. If you have an iPad or iPhone set to United States and use the News application, changing the region will cause the application to disappear automatically if it is not launched for the region of your choice.
This is one of the main reasons why some users prefer to keep the USA in the region, even if they are far from physically staying there.
Apple has put the holidays in Calendar for users to know when planning something, whether that day is a normal work day or a holiday. Very useful we could say.

How to disable the national holidays "US Holidays" from the app. Calendar on iPhone, iPad and Mac?

The first method would be to change the region and set the one we are in, but if we do not want to change the region, we can hide the legal holidays display in the Calendar application.

1. We open the "Calendar" application a iOS or iPadOS.

2. We click on “Calendar"From the bottom of the application (on Mac, this option is somewhere on the top right), then uncheck"US Holidays"

3. Click "Done"To save the change and close the options window.

After you make these changes, you will have a calendar without holidays. No-Ho-Ho-Ho!

In the same way you can hide or display in calendar birthdays of family members, friends and other contacts on the agenda. Check or uncheck "Birthdays".

BONUS: With iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, you can choose a language to display the applications, other than that of a deviceacquis. So the iPad / iPhone menus will remain in the language set on the device, and the application (including Calendar), in the language of your choice.

How to hide US Holidays from Calendar on iPhone, iPad and Mac

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