Apple Watch Series 10: Release date, price and features

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In the fall of 2024, it is almost a certainty that Apple launch Apple Watch Series 10 or Apple Watch Series X. This smartwatch will mark ten years since the company's entry Apple in this smartwatch market. While Apple Watch Series 9 brought few new features compared to the previous model, there is a very high probability that the upcoming anniversary model will come with many new features. Here's everything we know and can guess about Apple Watch Series 10, including specifications, release date, price, watchOS 11 and features.

It is said that Apple Watch Series 10 will bring blood pressure and sleep apnea monitoring to provide a more complete health profile for users. Many cases are already known in which Apple Watch has saved the lives of users with the atrial fibrillation (AFib) monitoring system.

The new features Apple Watch Series 10

Surely Apple seeks to innovate and develop the medical side. It is almost certain that Apple Watch Series 10 will bring blood pressure and sleep apnea monitoring to provide a more complete health profile for users.

Also, Apple hopes to integrate non-invasive blood glucose monitoring into the future model for pre-diabetic conditions. The reports provided by the smartwatch will not be of medical quality, but will instead focus on trending users' blood sugar levels and alerting them if they are entering a pre-diabetic state. So it seems that the company Apple is not interested in providing data for people with diabetes, but wants users to find out early if they are prone to this health problem.

Apple Watch Series 10
Apple Watch Series 10

To address these blood glucose predictions and reports and blood pressure measurements, Apple it will rely on short-wave infrared absorption spectroscopy, which sends light through the user's skin between blood vessels and cells and then reads the reflected light to help calculate blood glucose concentration.

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Release date Apple Watch Series 10

It's almost a certainty that the release date Apple Watch Series 10 will be in the fall of 2024, together with the new generations of iPhone 16 devices. It is a tradition for Apple to launch the new generations of smart watches in the fall.

Prices Apple Watch Series 10

Prices for the aluminum model are expected to start at $499, going up to $1.250 for the cellular, steel version.

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