iOS / iPadOS Important Security Updates

This month began with a series of updatefor most devices Apple.

Only a few days after the release of the final version of iOS / iPadOS 13.5, Apple launched a update both iPhone, as well as iPad si Apple Watch, which comes to close some security breaches.
In updateat the end of last month, o security issue allowed a third-party application to execute code with kernel privileges, which could have led to high resource consumption and real security issues. Targeted by this problem were the devices iPhone 6s or older models, iPad Air 2 or older, iPad mini 4 si iPod Touch 7th gen.

This update will prevent users who want to jailbreak version 13.5 for the devices mentioned above. However. Apple has still released the signature on 13.5, so if you intend to jailbreak, you can still downgrade from 13.5.1 to 13.5. Although we do not recommend this.

iOS / iPadOS Important Security Updates

Updates for closing security breaches have also been made for Apple Watch (watchOS) and Mac (macOS).

iOS / iPadOS Important Security Updates

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