How to take a screenshot of an entire web page on iPhone / iPad (Full Page Screenshot)

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iOS offers many content sharing solutions. From the pictures in Photos, documents, files stored in iCloud and up to the visited web pages, all can be shared with friends.

If we only want to show it to someone part of a web page which I visited, in this scenario, a screenshot of the web page open is simple to do. Through the classic screenshot method, it will be captured by default only the visible part on the screen. But if the content we want to show includes coming off the screen, then we will need a full web page screeshot, from which to cut (crop) only the part that interests us.

How to take a screenshot of a full web page on iPhone or iPad (Take a full web page screenshot)

1. The screenshot option for the entire webpage (ie areas outside the active screen) has been added with iOS 13, but few know of this option. So you have to have at least iOS 13 / iPadOS 13 or a newer version installed on iPhone / iPad, to access this option.

2. Access a web page with Safari and press the buttons simultaneously Sleep si volume Up to capture the image on the screen.
Press to open the captured image from the lower left corner of the screen.

3. The photo editor will open, where you have several options for editing the captured image (screenshot), includingfull page", In the upper part. Select "Full Page", then use the navigation and image editing tools, then export the final result.

You can do the same iPad cu iPadOS 13 to take a screenshot of the entire web page visited.

If you choose to save the entire web page, it can be saved or shared in PDF format.

This option is only available if the web page is accessed with Safari. The "Full Page" option is not available on Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any other Internet browser installed on the iPhone / iPad.

*This option also works very well on iOS 14.

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