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How used is the battery of a MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro (Charging Cycles)

It is known that batteries MacBook have a very high autonomy compared to other models of laptops on the market. The newest MacBook Pro 13-inch and 15-inch models have a range of up to 10 hours in browsing or iTunes and to 30 days in standby.
optimization hardware system gift MacBook and macOS operating system, causes the batteries to have a long life, not just one high autonomy. It all depends on how the respective device is used, how much is required and how much battery is used.
About the correct use and how to extend the life of a MacBook battery, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro I talked about in this article: MacBook Battery, MacBook Pro / Air - Proper use and service life.

Apple classifies battery health (Battery Health) According to number of loading cycles (Cycle Count). The higher the number of these charge cycles, the more battery present higher signs of wear and he will have one lower autonomy.
A MacBook battery can have the status of the condition of use: Normal, Replace Soon, Replace Now or Service Battery. What each battery status means in this article: MacBook Battery Status - Service Battery, Replace Now, Replace Soon, Normal.

If you want to buy a MacBook "second hand" (secondhand) or just want to find out what is the stage of battery wear, it is best refer to the system report of the device. System Report. There will be displayed the number of charge cycles of the battery and the level of wear.

As we know how many charging cycles the battery of a MacBook had (Power Cycle Count Information - Health Battery Status)

1. We're going to the menu Apple (), “About This Mac"Then click"System Report…

2. In "System Report"We go to the menu"Hardware"→"Power". On the left side you will find all information regarding battery status, resources and energy settings. Under the "Health Information"We find the number of charging cycles and the state of the battery.

"Cycle Count: 54 ″, "Condition: Normal", For a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) with two years of daily operation. Good enough. Here's what the battery status on a MacBook Pro looks like (13-inch, Mid. 2012):

"Cycle Count: NEVER","Service Battery". However, the battery life is quite good, successfully resisting up to 3 hours in browsing or iTunes, with a brightness of about 80%.

What does a battery charge cycle of a MacBook (Battery Cycle Count) mean and how long the battery limit can be used

A charging cycle then takes place when using all the battery power of a MacBook. It is not necessary that the battery has been charged up to 100% to be considered a cycle. For example, if you remove the power supply when you have it 100% battery and use the notebook up to 50% battery, it will not be considered that a loading cycle has taken place. If you use the rest of 50% of energy the next day, then a cycle will be considered.
In the scenario where you use 50% from 100% battery charge level on the first day, then charge the notebook, it will be considered a charge cycle only if the same scenario happens the next day. That is, load up to 100%, then drop the level of 50%.

The charging cycles do not necessarily reflect the health of the battery. Apple has released a list of the maximum charging cycles supported by a MacBook. All models MacBook Pro, MacBook si MacBook Air from 2010 or newer, supports up to 1000 cycles loading. models older than 2010 supporting between 300 and 500 loading cycles.

However, it is very likely that a MacBook will reach a critical battery condition (Service Battery) and a lower number of charging cycles. As is the case with the MacBook Pro Mid. 2012, which has only 340 cycles. But this notebook has been used for many hours, almost daily, connected to the outlet. Although the charging cycles were few for 7 years of hard operation, that does not mean that time has not left its mark on the battery.

How used is the battery of a MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro (Charging Cycles)

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