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Battery inflated to MacBook Pro 2017, deformed casing - Troubleshooting Service Experience (MacBook Pro Battery Swelling)

When you decide to buy a MacBook Pro cu over EUR 2000, the arguments for which you make the purchase can only be: the performance of the operating system and hardware resources, connectivity options, design and hardware quality. In addition, you have the pretension to work on it for a few years until you end up putting money into it for repairs or changing it completely.

Apple offers fairly good and secure guarantees at authorized services, and when a device has premature problems (in warranty period) is often changed. That's how I experimented with iPhone, iPad si Apple Watch. All were "repaired" by replacing them with a new device.
If Mac si MacBook, things are a little different if they end up in service. They are not completely replaced, but only the defective components, plus in addition to the defective part, you will be surprised to replace other components affected by the defect. If the device is under warranty, everything is free. If it has left the warranty period (post warranty), you are preparing to take money out of your pocket for repairs.

In the second situation I was with a MacBook Pro 15-inch 2017, purchased on October 31, 2017, at which after less than 3 years of use the battery swelled. Which led to deformation of the rear housing (topcase). If it weren't deformed housing it would not have crossed my mind as a MacBook Pro 2017 has a swollen battery (battery swelling) after only 3 years.

How do we know if the battery at MacBook is it swollen or not? 

Then when a battery of MacBook it starts to swell, the signs are very discreet at first and you have to be very careful. In my case, I realized that something is not normal when I put MacBook Pro on a desk, on the perfectly right surface, and I noticed that it no longer sits on all the rubber feet on the back. He had a certain imperceptible inclination with the naked eye. Especially if MacBook sit on a stand or keep him in bed.
Initially I thought I somehow hit the back shell or some fatter cat sat on it and deformed it. But I noticed that at the trackpad a corner is very low, compared to the others. It was then that I began to question myself and look for the causes of these changes.
It didn't take me more than 5 minutes to find out that swelling the battery at MacBook is an older problem of Apple and that for them, "it is normal for a battery to swell after a period of use." It would be normal for Apple, but I had a Lenovo IdeaPad which even after 8 years did not show signs that the battery is preparing to take on proportions.
More than acknowledging the problem, Apple it also has some programs through which certain series of MacBook are called to authorized services for changing batteries.

What to do if you have a MacBook with inflated battery?

If you have a MacBook Pro The 15-inch bought between September 2015 and February 2017, you can check here (15-inch MacBook Pro Battery Recall Program) if your device is eligible for free battery replacement. A free service program is also valid for devices MacBook Pro 13-inch, (No Touch Bar) products between October 2016 and October 2017. You can check the eligibility here (13-inch MacBook Pro (not Touch Bar) Battery Replacement Program), based on serial number.

Free battery change MacBook Pro through these two programs it is done even if the devices are no longer in the warranty period.

In case you have a MacBook Pro 15-inch Touch Bar 2017, find out that you will pay the battery replacement costs, even if it didn't work normally either macwould 3 years. I only recommend that you contact an authorized service Apple from the region you are in.

Service experience MacBook Pro 15-inch 2017 post-warranty (Apple & Depanero)

After clarifying the causes of the problem, I didn't think for a second and started looking for solutions. Service.
When a battery starts to swell, the process is irreversible, and to avoid damaging other components, it is advisable to replace it as soon as possible.
Although MacBook was bought from Apple Shop Media Galaxy Feeria (Altex), I knew that even if it was during the warranty period, I would be sent to a service Apple. So I best said yes contact by phone the Customer Support service of Apple and ask them for information. I called the phone number Apple for Romania, and in less than 3 minutes a very kind lady answered me, who told me that she can only help me with three authorized service addresses Apple from my area. Customer Support Phone Numbers Apple we find here.

In Romania there are only three authorized services Apple, with four or five working points. Three in Bucharest and one in Timisoara. Cordon Electronics (Bucharest), iStyle (Baneasa and Timisoasa) and Depanero (Bucharest). On site APCOM I see that it also appears VOX, but it seems that Apple he knew nothing about them.

Having already pleasant service experiences with Depanero and being quite close to me, I chose to contact them. Initially, I filled in a request on their website to pick up the device by courier, but finding that I only have 30 minutes to get to their headquarters, I contacted them by phone.

A very kind lady answered the phone, who identified my request in the system, canceled it and said that she was waiting for me at their headquarters, from Monday to Friday, in the interval 08nd FIUMANKA.
Said and done. The next day I put MacBook in the original box (it's good to keep them, even if they take up space), I put the box in my backpack and showed up at Depanero. Pleasantly surprised by their system with serial number, which you get at the entrance, after entering the name on a digital screen. This after you are invited to disinfect your hands.

I was immediately picked up by a lady and I told her in detail what it was all about. He opened the box, checked carefully MacBook, took some pictures from several angles, then told me that I have to fill in the service receipt. In the service sheet I had written very clearly "the customer wants to replace the battery“. That's it.
With the completion of the form, let me give his consent I also pay 70 lei for the finding if I do not agree with the repair. This amount is paid if after the evaluation from the service and the communication of the repair price, you do not agree with the repair.
Although I had the "file" with the receipt, receipt, invoice, warranty, he did not ask me anything at all. Only the device. As a parenthesis, at Apple it is known very exactly whose device it is, when it was bought, by whom and from where, based on serial number 😉
Before I left, he informed me that the finding time can be up to 10 days, after which, if I agree with the repair and costs, I will have to wait up to 15 days. All this was happening Thursday, 07.01.2021.

After I left Depanero I noticed that I also had an SMS in which I was informed that the service request had been taken over with the file number.

Next day (08.01.2021), I received a message likewe have started the solution process for your product…).

In four days (11.01.2021) I was contacted by phone by someone from Depanero, who told me that the finding had been made and that the repair involves both changing the battery as well as the “top case”, at 1.000 price lei, from which 200 lei is labor. I accepted the repair costs, sent me the payment details by e-mail for the 50% advance, I replied with proof of payment, and the parts were ordered from the supplier the next day. On 12.01.2021 I received a message: "The parts necessary for the repair of your product registered with no. 432XXXX were ordered".

Here I will stop a little, because if you have one MacBook Pro with a swollen battery, you may be happy to take it to service as soon as possible.
Although I I just asked for the battery to be replaced, politics Apple in such situations requires the change of all components which may have been affected by the swollen battery and components about which Apple he knows that they have frequent problems and that he has made improvements after launching the product on the market.

This is how it appears that in the finding / repair estimate sheet, it appears: “Spare parts: Romanian, Top Case with Battery, ISO, Space Gray“. Specifically, in addition to the battery were replaced: housing completely (both the back and the front), keyboard (not just the key covers, but the whole system) and trackpad. Joking a bit, I think it was easier for them to take the hard drive and put it in another notebook.

To be honest, I was happy when I heard that in addition to the battery, the other components will be changed. Butterfly keyboards on MacBook they were not the most successful. They have a very weak fastening system, and many users (including me) have complained of problems repeating letters and characters while typing, situations in which a key remained pressed (pressed) without returning to the free position, or who stopped listening to the command when pressed.
Apple it also has a free keyboard replacement program "Butterfly", which you can access here: Keyboard Service Program for MacBook and MacBook Pro.
From what I understand, for whatever reason one would end up MacBook with such a keyboard in an authorized service Apple, it will be exchanged "bundled" with the rest of the repair, without being added to the costs.
As was my case. “Product diagnosis: inflated battery, Possibility of troubleshooting, replacement of Top Case at a low battery price. Valid quotation with defective part in exchange".

Returning to the settlement process, on 12.01.2021 they ordered the parts on the exchange, and two days later, on 14.01.2021 I received a message: "Hello! We would like to inform you that the service sheet with the number 432xxxx is completed with the status: FIX. "

So, I left at Depanero on 07.01.2021, a MacBook Pro with the battery inflated, and on 15.01.2021 I went to pick it up again. With battery, case, keyboard and trackpad changed. 1.000 LEI.

To be honest, I was very pleasantly surprised by how quickly everything went at Depanero. I didn't have a problem if it lasted 15-30 days, because I still have an iMac and another MacBook Pro handy, but I had fears about scratches and other things that could come back from service. I also have a fix in this regard. I can't stand dusty screens, dirty cases and not so much scratched or damaged. My device returned flawlessly, without the slightest sign of service. Just a sticker with the service number glued on the back, which came off very easily. The keyboard no longer shows signs of wear. It's new! 😊

Causes that led to swelling of the battery MacBook Pro

I'm not going to say now that it's a notebook I haven't used. Sure. Intensive. At least from 31.10.2017 and until 23.12.2020 when I switched to iMac and I let him breathe.

I have seen many who look to buy a MacBook Pro second hand (used), looking at battery charging cycles, to determine how worn it was. Well, it's not a good idea, because the faulty battery only had 75-80 charge cycles, and the reason the battery swelled is precisely because was kept over 90% of the time connected to the charging source. So the number of charging cycles is not a criterion by which the degree / time of use of a MacBook. Moreover, you had the chance to buy one MacBook Pro which has no more than 30 charge cycles, but which is already deformed due to the inflated battery.

To increase battery life, Apple recommends that it be charged to 100% only when you really need its full capacity. And even under 20% it is not recommended to let it unload.
With  macOS 10.15.5 was also introduced the "battery health management" function for MacBook. This feature teaches hours of use without a power source and will charge the battery only as long as needed to reduce its physical damage.
I remember that Lenovo has had this function of protecting the battery on laptops for more than 10 years.

Battery inflated to MacBook Pro 2017, deformed casing - Troubleshooting Service Experience (MacBook Pro Battery Swelling)

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