How you can cancel your subscription iCloud+ from your iPhone or Mac

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Apple has notified users in several countries of the increase in prices for subscriptions iCloud Plus. If you don't have a subscription iCloud+ that you want to cancel, in this tutorial you can see step by step how you can cancel the subscription iCloud+ from your iPhone Mac or choose a lower, cheaper subscription.

Thank you for subscribing to iCloud+ with 2 TB of Storage. We wanted to let you know about an upcoming change to this subscription.

Apple is raising the price of this subscription from 44,99 RON per month to 49,99 RON per month. Your subscription will automatically renew for 49,99 RON per month starting August 17 unless you cancel at least a day before.

It is not a significant price increase, taking into account that globally prices have increased for all products and services. However, if you want to unsubscribe Apple iCloud+, all you have to do is follow the steps in this tutorial.

How you can cancel your subscription iCloud+ from your iPhone or Mac

If you use storage space heavily iCloud, before canceling the subscription make sure you have copied all the data to an external medium. External hard drive, flash drive or other storage device.

For example, if you have an iPhone device with 64GB of storage space but you have 200GB of photos/videos stored in the media iCloud (on the iPhone keeping only a low-resolution copy), after opting out iCloud+ you will need to transfer them to another storage medium.

If you have shared storage with family members, they will be directly affected by the cancellation iCloud+. They will most likely no longer have storage space available for backup devices, photos, videos and other files stored by them in the environment iCloud Drive.

Subscription cancellation iCloud+ from iPhone devices

It should be noted that you can cancel the subscription in the same way iCloud+ from iPad devices (iPadOS).

1. Open "Settings” then go to the first option from the top where your name is with the account Apple ID.

2. In the menu Apple ID go to options iCloud. (Many users tend to go for the “Subscriptions", but there is the subscription Apple Music and other applications to which the user has subscriptions)

3. Access the option "Manage Account Storage” from the service iCloud+.

How you can cancel your subscription iCloud+ from iPhone
Manage iCloud Storage Map

4. From "Manage Account Storage" go to "Downgrade Options” then enter your account password Apple ID.

Downgrade iCloud Plus Plan
How you can cancel your subscription iCloud+ from iPhone

5. At the options "Storage Plan” there is the possibility to choose a lower subscription (if you have the maximum subscription of 2TB) or switch to the free subscription that offers you 5GB of storage space. That is to cancel the subscription iCloud current and switch to a lower paid or free one.

Change iCloud Plus Plan
Change iCloud Plus Plan

After you have selected the new subscription iCloud press "Done". In this way you managed to cancel the subscription iCloud figure.

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The red mark next to the lower subscriptions indicates that the space currently occupied on the storage medium iCloud is higher than that supported by that subscription. In my case, 1.43TB of the 2TB available in the service is occupied iCloud, which means that a subscription iCloud lower would not be sufficient for all data.

As I said at the beginning of the tutorial, before I canceled the subscription iCloud Plus i need to download the data from iCloud on a personal storage drive, then delete the data from iCloud until the occupied space remains below the available maximum of the lower subscription.

Subscription cancellation iCloud Plus from the devices Mac / MacBook

All you need to do to change your subscription iCloud+ is to follow similar steps from iPhone devices.

1. You open System Settings → Apple ID → iCloud → click “Manage” (Account Storage).

Change Storage iCloud Plan on Mac
Change Storage iCloud Plan on Mac

2. “Change Storage Plan…” → “Downgrade Options”.

Just like on iPhone devices, you will have the options to change / cancel your subscription iCloud Plus.


In conclusion, it is not difficult at all to cancel your subscription iCloud+. It is more complicated to save data from iPhone, Mac, iPad devices to other storage media before canceling the subscription.

iPhone devices (iOS 17) were used for this tutorial, iMac (macOS Sonoma).

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