Enable Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 - One Click

Windows Photo Viewer is present on Windows operating systems since the time XPacquis. With a simple interface and a minimum consumption of resources, it is the easiest utility in which we can open the pictures and start a slideshow. In fact, Windows Photo Viewer does not offer much options for editing / editing a picture. We can only rotate an image or delete it. The purpose of the utility is to quickly view image files (.JPG, .PNG) in a folder.

With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft gave up this utility and offered users other options in which to open and edit images. The "Photos" application of Windows 10 is the replacement for the "Windows Photo Viewer". Another interface and several primary image editing options.

If you want to use it Windows Photo Viewe on Windows 10, we have good news. Although the utility does not appear in List of applications when we want to open an image, Microsoft not removed everything from the operating system. It is blocked / hidden from the registry (Windows Registry) and can be easily activated by anyone who wants it.

Enable Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10

1. Download and unzip: Activate Windows Photo Viewer-on-Windows-10

2. Inside the archive, double-click the "Activate Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10" file.

3. Click "Yes" to allow running in UAC and click "Yes" to allow entry in the registers. Registry Editor.

4. Click "OK" to confirm the change.

After this step, select o picture .JPG or . PNG, right-click on it, and in the "context menu" (the menu that opens), go toOpen with”>“Choose another app".

A list of compatible applications will be displayed to open the file type you selected. Click on "More apps" and run the list until Windows Photo Viewer.

Select with a single click "Windows Photo Viewer", Then check"Always use this app to open .png files"

After clicking "OK", all .png files will open automatically in Windows Photo Viewer, without having to select the application every time.

Enable Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 - One Click

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  • Hej! (Kör Ms Edge and Win 10.) Excerpted from the LR eller PS and djrvid gjort dem to .jpg vill jag se deminnen jag skickar dem med e-post.)
    Har försökt följa dina instruktioner, tyvärr utan framgång. For “Activate Windows Photo Viewer for Windows 10” 1 tom 4 lyckas jag inte finna var jag väljer bild.jpg. Tacksam för hjälp.

  • nie działa. It comes to the register, but still brak. Windows 10 preinstalled fabrycznie on Lenovo Legion computing. Masakra jakaś. How can I say that W10 does not mean that it will not be a computer. Gates oddawaj pieniądze mendo!

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  • Pomijam juz ten zupelnie niepotrzebny “wyklad” nie na temat, w tym artykule.Na moim kompie wystarczylo pobrac link, ktory Pan zamiescil i Photo viewer sam sie pokazal na liscie: “pokaz wiecej aplicacji” .Dzieki.

  • other ik wil de photo viewer in windows 10 ik kan het er niet op krijgen, ik gebruik geen andere en niemand helpt een handje ik hoop Judge?