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How do you install? iOS 16 pe iPhone compatible (2022)

iOS 16 was officially released and brought more features than the major versions released by Apple in recent years. In this tutorial you will find out how to install iOS 16 and if iPhoneyours is compatible.

For many users this tutorial is trivial, but I have met owners of iPhone who do not know to upgrade from iOS 15 to iOS 16.

Between update and upgrade is a difference, even if many think the two words are synonymous. The word "update” is used when the update is made from a lower version to a higher software version, as in the case of “upgrade”. The difference between the two is that at "update” brings bug fixes, small improved features, while “upgrade” brings major changes. Major changes in the options and features of the applications that come with the operating system, changes in the security methods and changes in the graphical interface.

How do you install? iOS 16 pe iPhone compatible?

Apple makes the difference between the two terms, so many users are slightly misled when they go in Settings → General → Sofware Update.

The versions available for appear in the upper part update, while the version available for upgrade appears in the lower part. So if you have one iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 8 or newer model, you can upgrade to the new one iOS 16. iPhone 7 and older models of iPhone They are not compatible cu iOS 16, but they will receive important updates from iOS 15

If you have a iPhone compatible iOS 16, Go Settings → General → Sofware Update, then in the lower part you have the option "Upgrade to iOS 16".

How do you install? iOS 16 pe iPhone
How do you install? iOS 16 pe iPhone

Installation iOS 16 it will only be done if the battery charge level is at least 50% at the time of starting the installation.
The installation process can take from a few minutes to several tens of minutes, depending on the model iPhone.

How do you install? iOS 16 pe iPhone compatible (2022)

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